Visionary Artist · Author · Multidimensional Healing

Sarah Jeane Sibli

I offer healing sessions in person or over the phone—for individuals, couples, and groups. Healing sessions are confidential and take place within a safe sacred space. I teach the healing modalities described on this page to empower you in all aspects of your life and to increase your well being (please see Events & Classes).

I practice several healing modalities and one of them is CRT (this is the only modality described on this page I do not teach). “Cellular Resonance Technique (CRT) – Quantum Healing”: CRT induces the body to express itself in truth, by locating specific beliefs causing energetic blockages within the physical body and in some aspects of your life. These blockages are linked to emotional and physical pain, sometimes unresolved issues and traumas—when using CRT we locate such painful hidden programs to release them and transform them to serve our highest good—liberating the freedom of our spirit, i.e., our ability to expand in love and harmony.

See below the Healing Modalities I practice and teach:

Description of my services and teachings as a spiritual practitioner and angel therapist:

In my practice and teachings I use an amazing powerful healing modality called “Soul Memory Discovery”.
• As an “Angel Therapist” and “Theta Healing” practitioner and teacher, I use additional divine tools always through Divine guidance.
• I channel, practice, and teach a Healing Modality named by the Angels “Synergism Into Love, Angelic Light Codes for Harmonization”.

1 – Create a sacred space. Why is it important to always create a sacred space? I will teach you how to experience the presence of the Angels, Archangels, Luminous Beings, and Ascendent Masters and how to walk with them.

2 – I will help you in this following important step: Energetic field clearing — How to sustain your energetic field clear and its purpose. Release intrusive energies, earthbound spirits and entities that are blocking light in the aura. You will feel lighter and more peaceful. You will move deeper within the heart. Release energies which do not serve you and do not belong to you. Invite the Love Light Peace of the Divine to suffuse your Space and Beingness.

3 – When we clear the energy field, we release earthbound spirits into the light of God and often some of them are close friends or family members—people wish to heal painful unresolved issues with their loved ones who have passed on. This is the moment to commune from the heart in love, for everyone to heal so that harmony and love prevail—so that the being who has passed on, may move into the light with ease and grace and in peace. These are profound and touching moments and also joyous moments—all spaces are infused with the love, peace, and light of the Divine.

4 – Release traumas, painful issues, and karmic issues—DNA-RNA, cellular reprogramming (and also encompassing the collective consciousness—we are one).

5 – How to clear workplaces and play-spaces, homes, and lands.

6 – Activate your Sacred Heart to love “you” and all beings unconditionally — to commune with the sacredness of life. Expand your Sacred Heart feeling safe to Love and receive Love—create Miracles in your life and all around the world to be of services as a Light worker

7 – Heal present and past lives issues and traumas using Past Life Regression Therapy—Past lives exploration and healing.

8 – Learn to be clear within a sacred space and learn to be grounded, communing with Mother Earth, Father Sky, and all four sacred directions. To be grounded within the Earth Being supports your daily balance and well–being.

9 – Important guidelines to become a spiritual practitioner (integrity, honoring, and love). How to let go and let God. How to commune with the Masters of Light, Archangels, and Angels, and your Divine Guides.

10 – How to work with the Angels of the Violet Flame and St.Germain—receive the gifts of the Violet Flame’s essence of pure Love, transmuting energies and harmonizing your life with increasing goodness and love. Experience the love of God/of the Divine. Embrace all the Love that is.

11 – How to read energetic frequencies and raise your vibrations— read the life force of your whole being, any object, water, food, and places and the like. Through divine guidance I help you raise your energetic frequency and activate the “light life force” at a deeper level of your being and your hearts. I teach you how to be aware of your frequencies and to live in a more conscious way of your mission and purpose to bring forth joy and well being into your life. (This technique was revealed within the Great Pyramid of Giza, Keops, to a French radiesthesist, Mr. Bovis. Most radiesthesists are using this technique.)

12 – “Tree of Life Activation” based on my two books, inspired from divine guidance: Within God’s Light, we activate all Divine qualities of God (all aspects of the Tree of Life) within our being to experience our true spiritual essence. This activation harmonizes and increases the flow of light life force to supports our ascension. This process opens the heart and activates our divine creative abilities and potentialities. If is a journey to know the God-Self.

13 – Learn to rejuvenate and heal all your bodies in the Heart of Mother Earth. Visualize, create, and feel the joy in the Heart of the Mother—give all to God and to the Earth.

14 – Clear, balance, and energize your energetic centers or Chakras, by embracing the Luminous Light of the Sacred Sun. Be the Light you are!