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Sarah Jeane Sibli

Great Pyramid of Tarzana • Healing Meditation

Raise your Energetic Frequency within the Sacred Portal of a Pyramid

at Jeff’s Home • 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM, April 26, 2015

Guided Meditation Hosted by Sarah Jeane • Jeff leads us within the powerful healing prayer from his Master

• Learn to be aware of your energetic frequency •

• Learn to read your energy frequency, the energy of about anything and any space • Suggested $20.00 donation to support this work • thank you!

Please bring a pendulum!

In this class we will pray and meditate within a special and powerful sacred space, moving in prayer and meditation through the Sacred Portal of a Pyramid—Jeff has created within his home a very beautiful meditative sacred space and is kindly inviting us to experience the healing benefits of the pyramid and beautiful crystals. We will clear our space and raise our frequencies working with the Angels, Masters of the Light and Nature’s Intelligence. When we sustain high energetic frequencies or raise our frequencies we naturally release layers of energies, which do not belong to us and we feel increasingly lighter and free. High frequencies come from the heart—we open and activate our one sacred heart—we invite our Higher Self and we shines—we activate healing on all levels of our beingness and life.

1 – We read our energetic frequencies in “Unity Bovis” before the meditation in the pyramid and after the meditation. We read energies inside the pyramid. Sarah Jeane explains how to read energies.

2 – Guided Prayer to invite an awareness of a sacred space— communing with all Four Directions, Heaven and Earth. We connect with nature’s intelligence, the crystal’s Devas and more. We commune with the Luminous Beings and Angels.

3 – Meditation to activate the sacred heart • activating the body of light.

4 – We state our intentions.

5 – Jeff leads us within the energies of a healing meditative prayer from his Master.

6 – Guided meditation in the pyramid and with the crystals—we activate the one sacred heart and our luminous Self. We will then dive within the deep silence of our beingness.

7 – We express gratitude and ground into the Earth Being. We anchor the healing experience and light we received, in our hearts and energy field and in the Earth.

8 – We practice reading energies – questions & answers.

9 – Closing prayer in gratitude.

Multimedia Art by Sarah Jeane©”Infinite Pyramid Portal”

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We are looking forward to share this sacred time with you!