Visionary Artist · Author · Multidimensional Healing

Sarah Jeane Sibli

“Profound Healing Light Journey within the Earth”

with Sibli Essene, Angelic Channel

Tuesday, October 22 at 7:30 PM • Love Donation: $48.00 

 The Gateway – A Portal for Growth & Wellness 10401 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles 90034 – 2nd Floor

 (Cross street Motor – Parking in the back & below the building – park on the left side – Take elevator)

3 hours of channeled “multidimensional healing” inviting you to be in holy communion with Mother Earth. From this deep grounding experience and oneness, sources a natural flow of abundant healing Light. It is a creative flow of gratitude leading to a speedy manifestation of your heart desires. 

In this workshop you will experience a communion with Nature Intelligence and Mother Earth that is clearing your auric field, calming your nervous system, expanding and opening your heart guiding you to embody your Crystalline Angelic Essence. Within the Heart of Mother Earth learn to feel completely safe in your physical body as you integrate high dimensional Divine Light Love frequencies.

Love Namaste!


Earth Healing

Healing within the Earth