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Sarah Jeane Sibli

Learn Tools to be a Clear Channel, Let Go and Let God

Learn to Clear your Energetic Field and your Space

Open your Heart to Divine Guidance

Intensive/Workshop hosted by Sarah Jeane

December, Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM. 

I work in small groups  to empower you and to give you as much support and information as possible—and your life shall be transformed!

Location: Thousand Oaks, CA 91360 (exit “Lynn” from the 101)

If you wish to attend or have questions you may contact Sarah Jeane at:

Would you like to know how to be a clear channel and listen to the voice of God, the Angels of Light, your Divine Guides, and the Masters?

Would you like to know how to be deeply aware of your energetic frequency and sustain your energetic field clear?

“My wish is to empower you with amazing Prayers and Spiritual Healing Techniques – Let Go and Let God!”


In this workshop you will learn amazing tools to be aware of your space and frequency, to be a clear channel and commune with the Luminous beings and Guides—you will learn to hear divine guidance—you will learn how to clear your space, recognize earthbound spirits and help them move into the light with love—you will learn what are invasive energies and entities and how to guide them into the light. You will leave the class with empowering prayers and healing tools (hand outs)—you will be able to use them your whole life.

As an empath, I see and feel energies. I learned to use this gift to be of service from the highest place of grace and love. I have used these tools for many years—they have changed my life and they will change your life in beautiful ways.


Description of the Workshop

We will create a Sacred space—(Why it is important to create a sacred space):
1- You will commune with Mother Earth and learn how to be fully grounded and connected.

2- You will learn how to use a pendulum and be a clear conduit of light and love.

3- You will clear your auric field—releasing into the light old energies that are blocking light all the way to Atlantis. You will release into the light earthbound spirits with love and assist them. You will release into the light invasive energies. You will practice in the class and learn how to do this work yourself. You will feel further empowered and aware.

I will explain how to be free from invasive energies and entities (how all these energies work on all planes)—I will teach you how to clear your energetic field and I will give you amazing tools to do so—they will transform your life—you will practice in the class.

4- You will clear your energy centers, inviting light, life force, and balance.

5- You will learn to be a clear channel to commune with divine guidance and listen to divine messages.

6- You will learn to activate the One Unified Heart.

7- You will learn to clear your home, workspaces, and playspaces.

Registration and payment: $256.00 • Limited seats.

The cost includes healthy snacks and drinks.

Thank you for contacting me via email to register as soon as possible and feel free to contact me with your questions at

I am looking forward to give you sacred tools and prayers that are inviting increasing grace, harmony, and joy into your life.

Love and peace,


Sarah Jeane


Multimedia Art created by Sarah Jeane©Peace and Harmony in the New World

Peace in the New World

Short Bio – Sarah Jeane

Sarah Jeane is a visionary artist and graphic artist, illustrator and art director, author, spiritual counselor healer, angel therapist, and spiritual teacher.

In Europe and the U.S., after many years working in the movie industry and various companies as an art director, background artist, illustrator and graphic artist, she decided to dedicate her creative gifts to serve a higher spiritual purpose, and bring forth the light and beauty of our world.

Throughout her life Sarah Jeane had several near death experiences. She has been embraced by the light many times and was guided into higher dimensional realms of consciousness. As an empath, she understands and sees people’s pain and also sees and feels the joy and the light—she feels and sees energies. She learned how to use this gift with grace and love to be of service.

Since her early twenties, she has been studying and practicing healing modalities, yoga, and meditation. This journey led her to discover her true purpose, as a clear angelic channel to help others on their journey and bring forth the sacredness of our world.

Sarah Jeane is extending her light work around the world through her beautiful artistic expression and her teachings, healing modalities, helping people to be free from painful issues. Her works of art are Doorways of Light. Her teachings and healing modalities are guiding people to experience their divinity.

Sarah Jeane carries her life’s work in consciousness of the light and the sacred, to awaken to our true identity and our God Given Gifts, inviting Source/Divine Consciousness to lead the way. Her books are doorways of the heart to God/Source – “Twelve Doorways of Light: A Portal to Your God-Self & Twelve Doorways of Light: Sacredness of Life”.

If you would like to read more about Sarah Jeane’s healing modalities and teachings and if you would like to visit her art galleries please visit her website:

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