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Dear friends,

You are invited to these TWO PSYCHIC FAIRS COMING UP !

I will be at the “Center for Spiritual Living” in Westlake Village October 15, and at the Gateway in Los Angeles October 30, as an ANGEL COUNSELOR HEALER!
•••I will be at the “Center for Spiritual Living” in Westlake Village as an ANGEL COUNSELOR HEALER, with other amazing Practitioners! “Within a sacred space, express what is on your mind and heart and receive Divine Guidance and Healing from the Luminous Angelic Beings in the Love and Light of the Divine”.
Saturday, October 15, 2016 • From 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Location: Center for Spiritual Living, Westlake Village • 880 Hampshire Rd, Westlake Village CA 91361

•••I will be at the Gateway in Los Angeles as an ANGEL COUNSELOR HEALER, with other amazing Practitioners & Healers! Within a sacred space, share what is on your mind and receive Divine Guidance and Healing from the Luminous Angelic Beings in the Love and Light of the Divine.
Sunday, October 30, 2016  • From 1:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Location: The GATEWAY / a Portal for Growth & Wellness
2503 S. Barrington Ave
West Los Angeles, CA 90064

These Spiritual Fairs feature include healing sessions, massage therapy, intuitive readings, spiritual mind treatments, Reiki practitioners, energy practitioners, alternative health providers—and more!

• I am looking forward to meet you!
• I am of service to you as an Angel Therapist and Spiritual Practitioner Healer to guide you release pain and negative patterns, and inspire you to experience your God-Self—uplifting your Journey with Love!
• You may read about my services, teachings, and books on my website:

• How can I help as a Spiritual Practitioner Healer and Angel Therapist? I make sure that nothing is blocking the flow of “Light” life force within your energetic field. You will then be able to release pain, trauma, concerns on any level of your being and your life and reprogram the DNA-RNA allowing your God Self to be revealed. I help you raise your energetic frequency. You will feel more at peace and in harmony with life as you commune deeper with your God Self, the sacredness of life, the Masters and the Angels of Light, Archangels, God or Source—know how to listen to divine messages! If you are in pain about the loss of a friend or a family member we will bring healing, harmony, and peace and help them move into the Light.

I am a Channel through which the Angels of Light and Masters of Light Communicate and I Am of Service to You! I offer healing sessions in person or over the phone—for individuals, couples, and groups.

• I am a “Soul Memory Discovery” Practitioner and Teacher.

• I am an “Angel Therapist” and “Theta Healing” Practitioner and Teacher.

• I channel, practice, and teach a Healing Modality named by the Angels “Synergism Into Love, Angelic Light Principles & Codes for Harmonization”.

• Additionally, I practice a healing modality called CRT (Cellular Resonance Technique – Quantum Healing). As CRT induces the body to express its truth, you release traumas and pain, transforming them into beneficial energies.

••• Description of my services as a practitioner and teacher: 

1 – An important step – Energetic field clearing:  Release energies, which do not serve you and do not belong to you. Activate your Light and energetic flow.

2 – When we clear the energetic field, we release earthbound spirits into the Light of God and often some of them are close friends or family members. Sometimes people wish to heal painful unresolved issues with their loved ones who have passed on. This is the moment to commune from the heart in love, for everyone to heal so that harmony and love prevail—so that the person who has passed on, may move into the Light with ease and grace and peace. These are profound moments and also joyous moments as all spaces are infused with the Love, Peace, and Light of the Divine.

3 – Release traumas, painful issues, and karmic issues—DNA-RNA reprogramming.

4 – Cellular Resonance Technique (CRT) – Quantum Healing: CRT induces the body to express itself in truth, to release trauma, pain, addictions and the like.

5 – How to clear spaces and create a sacred space—workplaces and play-spaces, homes, and lands.

6 – Commune with the divine design of your Sacred Heart to love “you”, all beings, and all life unconditionally—expand that divine love to experience the sacredness of life, to expand your God Given Gifts and your work of service.

7 – Heal present and past lives issues and traumas through Past Life Regression.

8 – Learn to be grounded within a sacred space supports your well-being.

9 – Important guidelines to become a spiritual practitioner and expand your God Given Gifts in Love and harmony. Learn to be a clear channel (integrity, honoring, compassion, gratitude, and love). Let go and let God. Learn to commune with the Masters of Light, Archangels, and Angels, and your Divine Guides, and Nature’s Intelligence. Learn to listen to Divine Guidance from the heart.

10 – Work with the Violet Flame and St.Germain—receive the gift of its divine essence—transmuting energies and frequencies into pure Love.

11 – How to read energetic frequencies and raise your vibrations—read the life force in your whole being, as well as any object, water, food, spaces, and the like. Raise your energetic frequency—activate and expand the “light life force” from a deeper level of your being and hearts. I teach you how to be aware of your energetic frequency to live in a more conscious way of your mission and purpose—to bring forth love, joy, and well being into your life.

12 – “Tree of Life Activation” inspired from my 2 books (divine guidance): Within a Sacred space, we activate all Divine qualities of God/all Aspects of the Tree of Life within our beingness to experience our true spiritual essence, our God-Self. We invite a flow of Love, Peace, Divine Life Force and Light to awaken and support our ascension. We anchor these Divine qualities of God and corresponding Light Rays within specific energetic centers, and within the Sacred Heart, and within our whole Beingness. This process increases our capacity to Love from the Sacred Heart, allowing our creative abilities and potentialities to expand, to be of service in furtherance of Global Peace and Harmony. 

13 – Learn to rejuvenate and heal in the Heart Center of Mother Earth. Travel into the Heart of Mother Earth supported and guided by the Luminous Angelic Beings. Create your personal Sanctuary of Peace within the Heart of Mother Earth. Empower your heart’s desires and dreams and offer them to God-to the Mother.

14 – How to clear and balance and energize your Energetic Centers or Chakras by embracing the Light of the Sacred Father Sun.


••• Sarah Jeane Biography:

Email:         •       Website:

Sarah Jeane is a visionary artist and graphic artist, illustrator and art director, author, spiritual counselor healer, angel therapist, and spiritual teacher. She chooses to express “Light – the Sanctity of Life”, in all that she creates to bring forward a message of peace and love to all beings and our world.

In Europe and the U.S., after many years working in the movie industry and various companies as an art director, background artist, illustrator and graphic artist, she decided to dedicate her creative gifts to serve a higher spiritual purpose, and bring forth the light and beauty of our world.

Throughout her life, Sarah Jeane had several near death experiences. She has been embraced by the Light many times and guided by Luminous Angelic Beings into higher dimensional realms of consciousness to receive instant healing. She has been guided to share messages of Peace and Love. Sarah Jeane communes and works with Angelic Beings, Masters of Light, and Nature’s Intelligence to be of service.

Since her early twenties, she has been studying and practicing healing modalities, yoga, and meditation. This journey led her to discover her true purpose, as a clear angelic channel to serve all beings on their journey and bring forth the sacredness and beauty of our world.

Sarah Jeane is extending her light work around the world through her beautiful artistic expression and her teachings, healing modalities, helping people to be free from painful issues. Her works of art are Doorways of Light. Her teachings and healing modalities are guiding people to experience their divinity.

Sarah Jeane carries her life’s work in consciousness of the light and the sacred, to awaken to our true identity and our God Given Gifts, inviting Source/Divine Consciousness to lead the way.

Her books are doorways to the Sacred Heart to experience the God-Self– “Twelve Doorways of Light: A Portal to Your God-Self” &  Sacredness of Life”.

If you would like to read more about Sarah Jeane’s healing modalities and teachings and if you would like to visit her art galleries, please visit her website:

To inquire about any artwork or healing sessions and workshops, please contact Sarah Jeane at:

Blessings of Love and Peace to All,


Sarah Jeane

Sarah Jeane-Angelic Counseling Healing

Dear friends, You are invited to these TWO PSYCHIC FAIRS COMING UP ! I will be at the “Center for Spiritual Living” in Westlake Village October 15, and at the Gateway in Los Angeles October 30, as an ANGEL COUNSELOR HEALER! •••I will be at the “Center for Spiritual Living” in Westlake Village as an ANGEL COUNSELOR HEALER, […]