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Sarah Jeane Sibli

 June, 2014



You are invited at the Gateway, A Portal for Growth & Wellness”,

Saturday, June 28 between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm,

to participate to the First Conscious Voices Bookfair.  Talks begin at 10:30 am



• 14-16 authors, share their Visions of a Sustainable & Peaceful Future •

• How Can It Be Possible! •

Followed with questions & answers •

• $10.00 at the door or $5.00 with pre-registration by phone 310-280-1176,

or by email at, or at the Gateway, 

2511 S. Barrington Ave.,Suite 100 – West Los Angeles, CA 90064 •


I have the great pleasure to present my two books and share wonderful insights with other amazing authors and many of you at the “Conscious Voices Bookfair”!

♥ ♥

• Many years ago I decided to write from my heart. During this creative time I chose to give my life to God in a much more conscious way, expressing a spiritual commitment that came to me so naturally—I then understood with increasing awareness my life’s purpose to be of service.

I realized that I had the ability to express my gifts limitlessly in divine creative ways from a holy place within my heart and that everyone has the same ability and gift. I was then inspired to write about my personal journey and experience.

From this sacred space these two books were created:

Twelve Doorways of Light: A Portal to Your God-Self  &

 Twelve Doorways of Light: Sacredness of Life

books-Doorways of Light

• They support one another on a journey of the heart, leading us through Twelve Doorways of Light—diving into the sacredness of life, its core essence and multidimensionality of beauty and love—a journey and messages in furtherance of peace and harmony—supporting the harmonic synergism of a sustainable world.

• We have the ability to create a sustainable future by awakening the consciousness of the One Unified Heart—our Sacred Heart uniting Heaven and Earth. “Allowing love and harmony on all levels and dimensions of our Being and our life” is a synergetic vibration sourcing from a frequency of divine love within the Sacred Heart inherent to our  divine design. The world is a reflection of our global inner consciousness and our allowingness of love. Embracing the consciousness of the Heart is living in true consciousness of the sacred.

• Love is true consciousness! Our intentions and actions are then off reverence, compassion, and pure Love—in alignment with our sacred nature—our divine essence.

As increasing people awaken, together we have the ability to create a sustainable future honoring all beings and all of creation. Love, reverence, and compassion toward one another, all animals, and all forms of life are the fundamental choices of consciousness leading to a sustainable world. Love is the highest and the most powerful energy in alignment with our divine design and the global divine design inherent to all life.

When we are truly conscious we see the beauty and sacredness of life—we commune with Mother Earth and all divine intelligence—we hear whispers from Source/God in our hearts—our intentions, creativity, and actions are naturally in harmony with all divine design serving the highest good of life—loving one another, helping one another, revering all beings and all life.

From that place of consciousness there is no hunger, there is no prejudice or violence of any kind. We  feel unconditional love for all of life—we never do anything to destroy our planet and its beauty in any way—we naturally create eco-friendly technologies (green or sustainable technologies). Within that space of the heart every human being is then participating in a sustainable world in boundless creative ways—focused on revering the love and beauty emanating from all that is, encompassing all intentions and actions and creativity.

heart of the earth

“Love” is the “Doorway of Light” to a sustainable future.

It is a “Portal to the God-Self”—the purpose and messages of my books. From that place we create from a consciousness of the sacred revering all of Creation.

It is an experience of God leading us to create in divine ways revering all that is.

These messages guide us through Twelve Doorways of Light representing the Twelve Aspects of God intrinsic to our divine design—the Tree of Life. It is an activation of the God-Self or Tree of Life—a discovery of our divine essence and multidimensionality to activate divine creativity from a consciousness of the One Sacred Unified Heart.

“I open the Stargate of my heart, embracing the supreme light in the full realization of my essence.”

• Additional insights about my books: In my first book, “Twelve Doorways of Light, A Portal to Your God-Self”, I express insights inspiring you to live in harmony in the midst of today’s events and energies, offering guidelines and solutions to awaken your greatest creative potential in order to live a blissful, meaningful life, and to build a peaceful world together—a sustainable world.

This book is for you if you are looking to develop your creative gifts in joy and sacredness, listening to the voice of love in your heart, inviting the love of God to lead your path, to be of service.

My path and inner search have granted me with the blessing to bestow twelve creative “doorways of light” reflected in an artistic symbolic expression, supporting individual and global divine transcendence. This artistic representation epitomizes the essence of the first book. This artwork is available on my website and in my second book, Twelve Doorways of Light: Sacredness of Life.

Book- Sacredness of Life

 • As a new era is unfolding, a new consciousness of unity is awakening. All illusions of dualities are, with time, fading away, allowing the one consciousness of the heart to be revealed and to be recognized as the leading force—the power of love. 

 • As we are impelled to embrace increasing light, everything that does not match that light comes forth for healing. It is a global shift, a synchronized transmutation and an awakening.

I have chosen to contribute to that awakening of the heart, by sustaining a consciousness of the sacred and pure love for all life—in the best of my ability. It is my joy, mission, and purpose to create in Divine ways and to participate in a sustainable world and it is your purpose!


I will always be considerably honored and blessed to play in this world with all the beings of light I am to do great work with.

Thank you for joining me on that journey for love and in love, for peace and in peace.


Sarah Jeane


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