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Sarah Jeane Sibli

October, 2013


Dear friends and readers,

These “Monthly Messages” encompass the subjects of spiritual awareness and the sacredness of life—to further well-being, harmony, and peace for all beings—to co-create in divine and loving ways, diving ever deeper within the realm of our God-Self.

 • At any time you have the ability to change your experience since your experience reflects your personal inner beliefs, emotions, intentions, and thoughts.

Since all is energy, and energy is in motion and fluid, it is possible to transform any energy frequency all the way to the core of our cells, DNA, and RNA.

The physical world responds to people’s choices and levels of consciousness. Our focus, our beliefs, and cellular programs are synergies reflected in our experience and our reality lived in the moment.
In every moment, we are creating a specific flow of energy emanating from our feelings, intentions, emotions, thoughts, and words. They are a reflection of how we perceive the world and how we respond to life in every moment.

Most people identify with what they have and how they look. For most people, the physical material world triggers a multitude of thoughts and illusory beliefs, running people’s lives. A multitude of thoughts are controlling people’s lives, often leading to pain, depression, or despair. People develop false perceptions when the ego rules their experience, creating a distorted view of the world.

This identification with ego, thoughts, and illusory aspects of life fade away as we enter higher dimensions of light and awaken to our true nature—when we spend time in contemplation and meditation—when we commune with the core essence of life.
Now is a time for the whole world to move into the consciousness of the heart. It is a consciousness of unity and unconditional love.

It is possible for negative thoughts to have no more power over your life and experiences—the ego fades away, allowing the personality to be reborn in light consciousness—in true consciousness. You are then experiencing a divine creative flow and blissful serenity, discovering your true divine presence and essence. It is from that place of awareness that you wish to live your life. You are then using your mind and thoughts as beautiful tools to serve higher purposes. Your mind and thoughts are magic tools to create goodness, harmony, and joy in your world.

 Art-Sacred Realm• I named this artwork “Sacred Realm”. I created this image after a time in meditation and contemplation.

It represents a sacred space of the soul and its oneness with all creation, an energy and synergy of divine qualities and infinite peace revealed and experienced the moment we choose Love.

To walk the Path of Wisdom is to follow the Path of Love. It is said to lead into the way of Truth, so that the personality with the soul may recognize and embrace the sempiternal Divine Presence of the Lord. It is walking within Sacred Realms. It is choosing a beautiful, loving, and nurturing relationship with your Self and all of Life.                                              



 • I learn to experience the consciousness of my true divine nature and identity. It is amazing to bask in that energy and light.

If your feelings and thoughts are sourced from awareness, from the true nature of your presence, they feel empowered with love life force energy, creativity, and blissful serenity—they are of peace and joy.

The true nature of the Self emanates a bright sun shining its rays reaching all beings and all that is. It is a light, a power of love, true knowledge, and serenity that is sempiternal and boundless. Learn to express your thoughts from that sacred place within you.

Your state of consciousness and the energy frequencies you are emanating and dwelling upon are greatly influencing the progress and process of your life. Your life experience is guided by your mental and emotional behavior—by the way you choose to respond to life.

Your thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, and words reflect the way you respond to life and the way you perceive the world—they reflect your relationship with your Self.
It is in the relationship with your own Self that your life’s story has its roots. Explore and understand with consciousness the nature of the relationship you have with your Self. Learn to love and honor your Self.

At times, we forget that we are worthy, loved, beautiful, and divine. We don’t know how to receive—we forget that we are deserving of love, goodness, wellness, and happiness. Pay attention to this energy. Are you open to receive love and kindness?

Do you love who you are? Are you honoring all of who you are? Are you kind to your Self? Do you truly see who you are?
The nature of your relationship with your Self reflects the relationship you have with the external world and vice versa.
Is your mind trapped in a matrix of illusions, pain, and suffering?

Learn to be aware of all your feelings, emotions, thoughts, and beliefs. If necessary, write them down so that you can understand what is really going on in your life and in you. Understand that, by recognizing your patterns, you become conscious of what you are experiencing—and why. When you have an understanding of your patterns, it becomes easier to bring positive changes into your life. It is then possible to take conscious steps toward increasing wellness, harmony, and joy.

People who do not pay attention to their painful issues—in order to heal and let go of them—are increasingly controlled by their emotions and thoughts. This can sometimes escalate into self-destructive behaviors, addictions, anger, rage, violence, or profound depression. With time, it is possible to feel completely lost. This condition creates energetic disturbances within one’s being.

Such inner turmoil creates energetic gaps or openings in someone’s field, inviting additional external low energies. These low vibrations can reach the physical body and create illness. When someone loses himself or herself in ongoing negative thoughts and emotions, it can create various mental and health problems. But such states and conditions are always reversible. Whatever the situation, it is always possible to heal and go back to one’s divine presence to find peace, bliss, harmony, and love. One’s God-Self is forever untouched and of pure love.

I emphasize the importance of paying attention to how you feel so that you can take steps, right now, to let go of any painful feelings and situations. You are forever a divine being of God. It is never too late to love.

Why do we get caught up in our thoughts to the point that we identify with them? Because from thoughts come feelings and emotions. We then think that this must be what is real. Observe the relationship between your thoughts and your feelings and emotions—you have the ability to choose the nature of your thoughts and create any emotion and feeling you wish.
Choose to express all of who you are with reverence and from a consciousness of your God-Self.

Do not judge your feelings. The expression of feelings is beautiful. Feelings are guiding you, if you pay attention to them with wisdom and awareness.

As you understand the origin of your feelings and make peace with life, see them as streams of light moving through you and opening your heart with love. You are then transmuting energies and you are clearing your space.

Focus on your breathing—breathe in your heart and allow all thoughts to fade away. I gently let go of my thoughts. As you liberate your mind, your feelings and emotions are softened, and they are replaced by a delightful space of serenity and bliss.

Your thoughts, intentions, and feelings are energies—you have the ability to choose their nature and frequencies to better your life and the lives of others.

When you embrace the love and joy of God’s divine presence, the personality-mind and heart are working together as one—liberating your true identity. Your light body awakens and shines!

Excerpts and insights from my book: “Twelve Doorways of Light: A Portal to your God-Self”

heart of the earth• Prayer and meditation of the month: I now breathe slowly and deeply. I allow my mind to focus on the movement of my breathing. I place my hands on my heart and feel the love energy emanating from my being and my heart and all that surrounds me. I choose to dive within that loving and nurturing energy. I am one with that flow of love (take time to experience this). I invite in divine assistance. I am aware to be lovingly guided within a Divine Universal Presence of Peace, Love, and Light synergy. It is a sacred space forever present in me, around me, and encompassing all that is.

I choose a relationship with myself and with the world that is of compassion, reverence, and love. My thoughts and feelings are beautiful and I use them in service to create a loving environment for myself, the people I love, and all people and all beings. I choose LOVE in every moment of my life. I am kind and compassionate toward my Self. My intentions are of love and are compassionate. I choose to revere all beings and all of life now and always.

I live and breathe within the consciousness of my true divine nature and identity.

Thank you to all of life. Thank you to my divine guidance team. Thank you Father Mother God.

Peace and Blessings,

Sarah Jeane


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