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Sarah Jeane Sibli

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It is possible to receive your healing session/s over the phone or in person—Love Light Life Force energy knows no restriction or limitation, it only knows Oneness and Love.

I am a certified Angel Therapist

I work with people as an Angel Therapist. I have the capacity to embody the Angels of Light to heal traumas and balance energies, and guide people to experience the essence of the soul.

Since my early twenties, I studied and experienced diverse healing modalities to harmonize and balance all bodies and fields. These healing modalities consist of energy work, hands on healing, spiritual clearing, spiritual counseling as well as on-site clearing and blessings, and earthbound spirit release (working within God’s Light and Divine Guidance, with the Archangels, Angels of Light and Ascendant Masters). My deep love for animals has brought me to apply harmonizing modalities on them, too.
From these teachings and my search working with the Light and within the Light, I have naturally intuitively expanded further, diverse ways of rebalancing energies reaching all levels of life, through God’s Divine Guidance.

Synergism Into Love©Angelic Light Principles & Codes for Harmonization

One of these modalities came to me from Divine Guidance in the name of “Synergism Into Love – Angelic Light Principles & Codes for Harmonization”. Through God’s Divine Guidance, I create a sacred space inviting God’s love, light and blissful serenity from the unified heart consciousness. This process through the Heart opens a sacred space, a doorway to God where a source of infinite Love and Light energy is activated and flows. As a clear channel, I then hold that space to be 100% available to divine guidance, so that release, harmonization, and well being take place.

Bathing in God’s Love and Light—the mind completely free—invites a holy and limitless space where everything is possible. From that sacred space I express clear intentions of what needs to be done and I see my client/s perfectly healthy and vibrant of life force—I see them embraced by the Light. Sometimes, I am guided to move my hands in specific ways around my clients’ energy field to release, harmonize, and energize.

If my clients are not present physically, I proceed with the same harmonization through visualization and the result is exactly the same. I have the ability to see energies and Light, and then witness the shift, even if the person is in a remote location or on the other side of the world.

I have come to name this harmonizing modality Synergism Into Love©, since it is a space where we dance in Love Light consciousness to bring about spiritual regeneration and awakening.
Spiritual regeneration is a rebirth revealing your true Essence of Light and Sacredness, reaching the core programs of the cells, DNA and RNA. The mind becomes free and is naturally guided to work from the Heart, allowing Love, Compassion, and Reverence.