Visionary Artist · Author · Multidimensional Healing

Sarah Jeane Sibli

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In addition to Synergism Into Love, I have studied and practiced two additional healing
modalities, Soul Memory Discovery or SMD and Theta Healing.

I am a certified practitioner in both modalities and teach SMD for personal
harmonization and self-empowerment.

It is possible to receive your healing session/s over the phone or in person—Love Light Life Force energy knows no restriction or limitation, it only knows Oneness and Love.

Since my early twenties, I studied and experienced diverse healing modalities to harmonize and balance all bodies and fields—learning to live aware of the Love Light Life Force emanating from all Creation. I have the capacity to embody the Angels of Light to heal traumas, guiding people to experience the essence of the soul.

These healing modalities consist of energy work, hands on healing, spiritual clearing, spiritual counseling as well as on-site clearing and blessings, and earthbound spirit release (working within God’s Light, with the Archangels, Angels of Light and Ascended Masters). My deep love for animals has brought me to apply harmonizing modalities on them, too.

Ellen Kaufman Dosick who has brought forth the Soul Memory Discovery work from Divine Guidance describes it as follows: “Soul Memory Discovery is a spiritual healing modality that enables you to access, identify and release troubling issues that limits your lives and inhibit the full expression of your essence and your Beings. Just as your bodies hold memories of everything that has ever happened for our souls. Through SMD, we are able to access all of those memories, and so, find the origins of any issue, be it emotional, physical, spiritual, relationship issues, addictions, life patterns, etc. A very gentle, simple and easy process lifts those origins out of your system, and once the symptoms are no longer being sourced, they dry up and go away—leaving us free to be everything that we came to be!”.

It is necessary to first make sure that nothing is blocking Light. This allows the person to open up to increasing awareness of his/her True Being, the fundamental Essence of all Life and to experience a direct connection with Source/God. The person is then completely free in his or her own space.

When there is nothing blocking Light, all additional energies (trauma, karmic issues, pain or any negative patterns) that are not a match to the Light come progressively forth with greater clarity to be released and healed with ease, and transformed in Love synergies by the Light.

Theta Healing is a process emphasizing our oneness with God, how to talk to God, the highest Souce of Love, to invite harmonic healing and reprogramming on all levels of our Being directly from Source.