Visionary Artist · Author · Multidimensional Healing

Sarah Jeane Sibli

Artist Services

Graphic Artist  • Artistic Design:
Graphic Design  • CD & Book Cover/Jacket  • Logos  • Website Artistic Design

Illustrator  • Artist Painter:
• Illustrations and Paintings  • Murals  • Portraits  • Landscapes  • Visionary Art  •
• I create your Book Cover, Jacket or CD Cover, illustrating your message, story and purpose. This artistic and graphic design supports your goals and life’s purpose reflected in an uplifting vibrational light frequency •

• I create personal empowering paintings representing your higher Self and your life’s purpose, supporting your spiritual growth, awakening an expansion of your gifts •

• I create personal empowering paintings representing your Sacred Sanctuary, a place where you recharge yourself embraced by the Light—a place where you regain and sustain your balance, joy and well-being—a place where you shine, living your spiritual path and life’s purpose •

• Background artist (movies, TV shows, videos) •
• Murals (interior & exterior)  • Illustrations/design  • books & magazines & CDs •
• Various paintings (environmental, Visionary, Realism)  • All mediums: oil, acrylic, water color • digital/multimedia  • Illustrations for children – books and magazines  •

Art Director
Movies  • TV Shows  • Videos  • Various Productions  • Artistic Projects

Art Consultant
Home  • Business  • Leisure and Wellness Centers

Spiritual Practitioner Services

 • Synergism Into Love •
Soul Memory Discovery & Theta Healing •
Info Healing Sessions •

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