Visionary Artist · Author · Multidimensional Healing

Sarah Jeane Sibli

I am inviting you to explore timeless dimensional creative realities, embracing infinite sacred space of love through these Doorways of Light, in service to all humanity, awakening all hearts to unity consciousness—in furtherance of peace and harmony on Earth.

These Doorways of Light are guiding you through a Divine Portal encompassing God’s divine qualities. They are inviting you to navigate within the wonders of life and of your inner sacred being, diving deeper and deeper within the heart of your essence—allowing and activating a divine presence inherent to your beingness. In that sacred space every human being is invited to live within the consciousness of his or her true Self, revealing God-given gifts—liberating divine creative potentialities and possibilities unlimitedly.

How to Benefit from Twelve Doorways of Light?
I am inviting you to meditate on these artistic images to support the awakening of your God-Self, the Tree of Life within you.
Since every aspect of God is represented in one image, it gives to everyone the opportunity to connect on a deep level with any aspect of God and its dimension, for spiritual support and harmony, light activation, or personal healing. You may meditate on any of these images to activate a specific aspect of God and divine qualities, emanating from the core essence of your being.

As a second step, you may place them around you to invite the ultimate activation of your light body—to embrace an experience of your God-Self.
This energetic pictorial representation of the Tree of Life represents the ultimate portal to the enchanted pathway to God.

Every image represents one aspect of God illustrated with its specific color light ray, divine synergy, and dimension. The energetic emanation and messages of these twelve artistic images provide a support to harmonize and purify all your bodies and your whole energy field. They activate your sacred energy centers and your strands of DNA/RNA with light. Your light body is awakening. You are raising your consciousness toward higher dimensions of light.

As a new era is unfolding, the Tree of Life is activated within its new polarities. Every human being with all life is being rebalanced and anchored within these new polarities of Light consciousness to serve in divine ways—in furtherance of global peace.