Visionary Artist · Author · Multidimensional Healing

Sarah Jeane Sibli

Artwork Representing the Tree of Life

The synergy of these twelve images is an extraordinary Portal of the most luminescent Light, an energetic pictorial representation of the Tree of Life, the ultimate doorway to the enchanted pathway to God—a Divine Design embedded within all Beings and in all Creation.

This portal supports the anchoring of the Light upon the Earth Plane and eases the energetic awakening of our Light Bodies—harmoniously activating the interplaying link between the physical world and the divine spirit world in Love and Light. It is an energetic spiritual portal intended for divine work reaching every individual as well as global consciousness.

This artistic expression offers a meditative experience, an opening of the Heart within multidimensional Light realities, the pathway to God’s consciousness. The energies emanating from these images are harmonizing for all Beings and for Mother Earth. They are open gates to God’s Divine qualities allowing Peace Love Light flow.

It is important to progress toward harmony and oneness within all dimensions—all dimensions being intrinsically interconnected and one with our Beingness as well as all life—so that we may move with ease and grace toward higher consciousness of Light. These twelve images support that journey.

Although, I present each of the Twelve Aspects of God in a different image, they are not separated from one another. I have respected and allowed an energetic link between all of them, based on the Divine Science of the Tree of Life. It is important to consider this creative work as a unit. Since every Aspect of God is represented in one image, it also provides an opportunity to connect on a deeper level with any Aspect of God, its dimension and realm, every time it is necessary for personal harmonization and connective consciousness.

It is by nurturing the highest qualities of the Heart and through meditation, that we shall activate in harmony the chakras or energy centers along with the Light Bodies—awakening the Tree of Life within. Such alignment and harmonization leads to divine expanding consciousness. An activation of the Light Bodies brings forth bliss, well-being and joy, a natural flow of divine creative forces of Love in timeless dimensional realities. Our bodies have multitude of energy centers, however, there are sixteen main energy centers or chakras: seven chakras of the human body, seven chakras of the higher body, the Alpha and the Omega chakras. Additional energy centers of Light are activated within our beingness when the Light bodies are awakening.

In these Twelve Artistic representations of the Tree of Life or Twelve Doorways of Light, I convey all of the above to activate boundless divine creativity through Love and in Love, to bring forth Harmony, Bliss, and Serenity.

It is through Love awakened from the Heart that you shall be all of who you are, free in the Light. The Tree of Life is then activated within your Beingness revealing God’s Love—it is an experience of oneness with all of Creation.