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Sarah Jeane Sibli

Activation-Ascension-Integration-Meditation for Light Workers

Tree of Life Activation hosted by Sarah Jeane

Monday September 12 at 8:00PM

Sarah Jeane channels the Angels and Masters of Light—She channeled the process of this powerful Ascensionmeditation within a Sacred space while creating Art related to the Tree of Life (This is a short version-—she teaches a larger version in private sessions).

Anchor the corresponding Light Rays (God’s Divine qualities within your Sacred Heart!
Experience the Tree of Life (intrinsic to your Divine design) from within—
encompassing all Dimensions of Light for healing, God’s Love and Divine Qualities!

Duration: about 2 to 3 Hours • Monday, September 12, 2016 • 

8:00 PM at The Gateway / A Portal for Growth & Wellness

(Workshop will be presented in the room upstairs)

2507 S. Barrington Blvd.   LA, CA 90064

Energy exchange for the Workshop: $38.00 – Thank you!

(I teach a larger version of this workshop in private sessions $200.00 and in small groups $188.00 • Please contact me if you are interested).

• If you have questions please contact Sarah Jeane at:

In this class we are moving through “Twelve Doorways of Light to experience our God-Self—the Essence of the Soul or Tree of Life”.  “Mother Earth, within all its Dimensions of Light” is holding us with Love!

How do we live from the God-Self, from the Soul? What does this mean? Together, we will move into that understanding and experience of the Soul and Heart!

• “Become aware of all Dimensions of Light intrinsic to your Divine design”. All Dimensions live within us and are intrinsic to all of Life and its Divine design. They are all Dimensions of Light.  Dimensions of Light are connected to energy centers within our Divine design and to all of Life.

• “These Prayers and Meditation-Activation are inspired from my two books “Twelve Doorways of Light – A Portal to your God-Self—and my second book, a sequel, titled Sacredness of Life”.

• The images in my book titled “Sacredness of Life” are designed to support our activation and ascension. They are Holy Portals within the Tree of Life. You may contemplate the images—or place them in your meditation room in front of you or all around you. They are also available on my website – you may visit the art galleries of the Tree of Life. Prints are available in different sizes. You may choose your favorite image—all Aspects of God and all Dimensions of Light are communing in Oneness Consciousness!

• Think about this spiritual activation and ascension as high dimensions of your Being you are awakening and exploring to expand your creative possibilities and potentialities in the LOVE and Heart of the Divine.

Infinite Blessings of Love,


Sarah Jeane

Art by Sarah Jeane”Tree of Life”©

Tree of Life Art