Visionary Artist · Author · Multidimensional Healing

Sarah Jeane Sibli

Activate Flow workshop

“Embody your Angelic Self” with Sibli Essene, Angelic Channel
“Spiritual Activation-Acceleration to experience Well-being & Creative Flow”

Multidimensional Healing, Sunday February 2nd at 2:00 PM

Workshop at The Gateway – A Portal for Growth & Wellness – 10401 Venice Blvd.,
Los Angeles 90034 – 2nd Floor • Cross street Motor – Parking in the back & below the building – Take elevator)

“About 4 hours of Channeled Activation to experience increasing strength, courage,
and flow to be of service from a place of Compassion, Serenity, Bliss, and Joy.

Please bring warm blankets, healthy snacks, and water.
We will pause to stretch and dance and have snacks a couple of times during the workshop.
​Feel free to contact me with your questions at
Suggested Love donation for this workshop: $88.00 (if money is a problem please contact me)

• This channeled workshop accelerates your spiritual path and your ability to be of service. You will feel happier in your physical body, empowering all your bodies and cells with Light. We find sources of strength, nurturing love and courage, and move through additional Portals of Light. We open our hearts to love unconditionally, raising our frequencies in order to sustain an alignment with the shift we are experiencing globally.

• It is necessary to stop judging because when we judge we lose energy. Instead it is important to look at our emotions that are a reflection of our own reality, thoughts, pains, and choice of consciousness. The moment we have the courage “to feel” our feelings without blaming anyone, we are then able to heal, and our life transforms and we move into a gentle loving flow.

“Mother Earth and all Life are blessed by our Divine presence of Love—
may we know our Oneness with Mother Earth and all Life!”

Love Peace Namaste,
Sibli Essene