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Sacred Heart Expansion “Part 2” has arrived! Saturday, June 11

Activation-Ascension-Integration-Meditation for Light Workers

Hosted by Sarah Jeane

Sarah Jeane channels the Angels and Masters of Light.

She channeled the process of this powerful Ascension

Meditation while creating Art related to the Tree of Life.

“Tree of Life Activation-Ascension-Integration” to expand

furthermore the Sacred Heart!

Anchor the corresponding Light Rays (God’s Divine qualities)

within your Sacred Heart!

Experience the Tree of Life (intrinsic to your Divine design) from within—

encompassing all Dimensions of Light for healing!

Duration: about 4 Hours • Saturday, June 11, 2016 • From 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM

at The Holman Group: 9451 Corbin Ave, Suite 100 Northridge, CA 91324 Gate Code #5678

Energy exchange for the Workshop: $168.00  (If money is an issue please contact Sarah Jeane at –  Everyone is welcome – I teach this course in private sessions).

• If you have questions please contact Sarah Jeane at: 
or JaiSwaha Ron Holman  •

Increase your capacity to Love and to invite Miracles in the World from the Sacred Heart! Offer blissful serenity and gentleness!

You are moving through “Twelve Doorways of Light to experience your God-Self—the Essence of the Soul”. These Doorways are God’s Divine qualities inherent to your Divine Design, the Tree of Life within you. This Workshop-Meditation supports an energetic revelation and a conscious integration of your Divine design—an activation and ascension.

“Mother Earth, within all its Dimensions of Light” is holding you with Love!

How do we live from the God-Self, from the Soul? What does this mean? Together, we will move into that understanding and experience of the Soul and Heart!

• “Become aware of all Dimensions of Light intrinsic to your Divine design”. All Dimensions live within us and are intrinsic to all of Life and its Divine design. They are all Dimensions of Light. When we are disconnected in some ways from one or several Dimensions our life is disrupted or chaotic. The energetic disconnection comes from our thoughts and beliefs. Dimensions are connected to energy centers within our Divine design and to all of Life.

You may repeat the Meditation once a week or twice a month to increase your capacity to expand your Light Body and invite Miracles in your Life and around the world from your Sacred Heart!

Live in the Light of your God Self—Live in the Love and Heart of the Divine!
As we expand our abilities to Love unconditionally from our Sacred Heart we Live in the Light of the God-Self to be of Service Globally! When God is in charge we allow Miracles!

• “These Prayers and Meditation-Activation are inspired from my two books “Twelve Doorways of Light – A Portal to your God-Self—and my second book, a sequel, titled Sacredness of Life”.

• The images in my book “Sacredness of Life” are designed to support your activation and ascension. They are Holy Portals. You may contemplate the images—or place them in your meditation room in front of you or all around you. They are also available on my website – you may visit the art galleries of the Tree of Life. Prints are available in different sizes. You may also choose your favorite image—all Aspects of God and all Dimensions of Light are communing in Oneness Consciousness!

• Think about this spiritual activation and ascension as high dimensions of your Being you are awakening and exploring to expand your creative possibilities and potentialities in the LOVE and Heart of the Divine.

• Important Guidelines: If you have taken “Sacred Heart Expansion Class 1” and have practiced for about one or two months, this upcoming class-meditation will expand furthermore your Love from the Sacred Heart into the World—your Physical Body will feel safe and ready to integrate more Light (when your Physical Body with all your Bodies have fully integrated Heart Expansion Class 1, you are ready to express even more Powerful Light Energy from the Sacred Heart). If you are not sure that you have integrated “Sacred Heart Expansion Class 1”, please read the insights below and then feel free to contact me:

I continue teaching Sacred Heart Expansion Class 1—feel free to contact me if you are interested.

• Important Insights: If you have taken Heart Expansion Class 1 and have not been able to integrate the Process, it can be for the following two reasons:

1- You are still releasing karmic issues, pain, hidden programs, and traumas and it is all good and Divine!—embrace your beautiful Self with Love and ask God with the Angels to embrace you with infinite Love. Keep working on the release and try again the “Sacred Heart Expansion Process” when you feel more free.

2- Your space and auric field have also to be cleared. It is important to sustain your space clear on your journey. I teach people how to clear their field and space and how to be aware of these energies.

• As I have mentioned before in my Newsletters “Healing is remembering who we are”. We are already healed. Healing is remembering and integrating who we are, and these classes are supporting this journey.

“If you have not taken the Heart Expansion Class 1 and are interested in Class 2, please contact me if you have questions.”
Thank you! Namaste,

Infinite Blessings of Love,

Sarah Jeane

Multimedia Art by Sarah Jeane©”Love is Oneness Consciousness”

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