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Sarah Jeane Sibli

Sacred Sanctuary Healing Sounds & Meditation Activation”

• Friday, May 15, we invite you to Experience your

Inner Sacred Sanctuary 

• Profound Light Meditation hosted by Sarah Jeane with

about two hours of Sacred Healing Sounds with Master Edwing

Friday, May 15 – 8:00 PM at the Gateway/a Portal for Growth & Wellness

2511 S. Barrington Ave., Ste. 100

• Suggested Donation: $20.00 •

Are you looking for ways to release stress, let go, and feel peace? Do you feel that you need a vacation? If you do, this “healing meditative process” is for you.

Sarah Jeane’s “Channeled Light Meditation” along with Master Edwing’s “Sacred Sounds” invite you on a journey of your Divine Vibrational Frequency within the Heart and Mind of God—a Sacred Sanctuary within you. Within this holy frequency of your inner “Garden of Eden”, healing occurs naturally as your creative abilities are empowered with love—coming back to your “Self” to experience bliss, harmonic flow, and wholeness.

“Healing is remembering who we are!”

In this class you will be guided to live your wishes and dreams within your inner Sacred Sanctuary, feeling safe, empowered by the Four Sacred Directions, Father Sky and Mother Earth, Nature’s Intelligence, and the Luminous Beings who are assisting us all with so much love in our global ascension!”

 You will receive tools—you may use anytime—to release stress, feel safe and create your dreams. We will lead you into the sacred sanctuary of your higher self—a gift from life—from our hearts to yours!

Please Read Important Guidelines:

  • Please bring a yoga mat and/or blankets and dress comfortably–we will lie down on the wood floor during the meditation to receive ultimate relaxation, empowerment, and healing.
  • To benefit more fully from the power of this meditation, please make a list of your intentions, wishes, and dreams and hold them in your heart (physical, emotional, and spiritual healing and any other dream you hold in your heart). Within your sacred sanctuary you will “activate” a powerful creative manifesting process.

If you have questions please contact Sarah Jeane at:

or Edwing at:

“We are looking forward to share with you that experience

of love and peace in the oneness of the heart!”                                

Multimedia Art Created by Sarah Jeane©”Divine Harmonics”

Divine Harmonics- Art