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Sarah Jeane Sibli

Sacred Heart Workshop with Sarah Jeane

Choose your date: Sunday July 15 or Saturday July 28,  

from 12:30 PM to 7:00 PM •

Are you Ready to be Free and Love unconditionally?

There is so much work to do in our world right now but unless we know truly how to let go, forgive, and love, and live in the Freedom of that Sacred Holy flow, life can also be quite painful, and instead of feeling all the “Love That Is” we feel lost and isolated and despair!

So how do we experience All the Love that Is and live in the Freedom of that Sacred Flow?

This is what we are going to explore and learn together in this workshop!

1- Together we create a holy and sacred space. We hold the space of the workshop within a Holy container to feel safe to heal the Hearts and to expand the Hearts. (I will make sure that everyone’s energy field is clear before we start the healing of the Heart so that we can all receive All the Love that is! This is a $120.00 bonus for the participants. I do not teach “energy field clearing” in that class but I teach it in a separate class in a small group or one on one—let me know if you are interested).

2- We commune with every aspects of the Heart in a sacred way for healing. We explore with Love the different aspects of the heart.

3- Throughout the whole workshop we learn to forgive, let go and let God, as we allow a higher force, God to be in charge of our lives, we learn to Love unconditionally! We learn to trust and be FREE in that flow of LOVE!

4- In prayer, in the Love and Light of the Divine and through the Grace of God all aspects of the Hearts merge to experience the One Sacred heart, to experience Oneness and ONE LOVE!

5- Through channeled and guided prayers and meditations we heal all aspects of the Heart as we anchor every expression of our beingness within the Sacred Heart. 

6- We learn about Sacred geometry, the Divine design of the Heart and why and how the Heart space is now expanding. We learn how we are now infinitely expanding in that Oneness of the Heart as we choose to forgive and Love unconditionally! If you wish to expand your life of service and/or emphasize your life’s purpose this class is also for you!

7- We explore and commune with every aspect of the One Sacred Heart for Healing and spiritual awareness and Love Light expansion. The Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine unite and merge in the oneness of the Sacred Heart—peaceful and blissful!

8- Our Light body shines, there is One Universal Love, Heaven on Earth, Oneness Consciousness—we live from our Sacred Heart consciousness!

  • If you are interested in the workshop, please be mindful to register as soon as possible so that I can prepare your folder with the prayers and processes you are taking home—they are going to support your journey in Love and hold your heart in Grace. I will also prepare organic foods for everyone to enjoy.

• The cost of the workshop is $258.00 – the half of its original cost (includes all of the above and organic food, Kangen water and teas and the processes you take home to expand in that Holy Love).

If you wish to register for the workshop, please contact me ASAP. Thank you!
If you wish to make payments over a few months, it is an option, please let me know.

Make sure to bring what you need to be comfortable. It is important to nurture yourself before and after the workshop. Rest, and if possible spend time in nature.

Contact me with your questions at

Looking forward to that healing and sacred time with you,

Blessing of Peace,

I love you,

Sarah Jeane