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Sarah Jeane Sibli

Class taught by Sarah Jeane at Jeff’s home

8:00 PM to 10:30 PM • January 18, 2015

Meditation and Healing Energies • Raise your Energetic Frequency within the space of a Pyramid and around large Crystals at Jeff’s Home • Thank you Jeff for sharing that special space!

Raise your frequencies within a special sacred Portal, a Pyramid, and learn to be aware of your energy and frequency. Learn to measure your energetic frequency and measure the energy of about anything and any space.

Within the pyramid, in the middle of the class Jeff will guide us through a powerful healing prayer from his Master. You will love the whole experience!

Suggested $22.00 donation to support this spiritual work • thank you!

Please bring a pendulum, I will teach you how to measure energies!

In this class we will pray and meditate within the powerful sacred space of a Pyramid. We will clear our space and raise our frequencies communing with the Angels, Masters of the Light, and Nature’s Intelligence, crystals and more—it is healing, it is love. When we sustain high energetic frequencies or raise our frequencies we naturally release energies which do not belong to us and we feel increasingly lighter and free. High frequencies come from the heart—together we will open and activate our one sacred heart to experience oneness—to experience true LOVE and PEACE. We move into our true power—we invite our space to be infused with love and light and we activate our luminescence on all levels of our beingness. The Pyramid is a Sacred Portal and Space supporting such experience—supporting the awaking of the Kundalini.

If you wish to attend this class and if you have questions please contact Sarah Jeane at: or please connect with Jeff at 818-625-2178 or his email

• This class is limited to six people •


Sarah Jeane

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