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Sarah Jeane Sibli

Thursday, September 3, 2015 at 8:00 PM

Meditation hosted by Sarah Jeane

Location: Thousand Oaks – Exit Lynn from the 101-

If you wish to attend please contact Sarah Jeane at:

Suggested Donation: $20.00 • Thank you!

St. Germain and the Gifts of the Violet Flame

Would you like to experience the powerful gifts of the Violet Flame, its blessings and healing force?

Would you like to know how to invite the Violet Flame into your life as your best friend to clear, heal, and energize all aspects of your being and consciousness?

The Violet Flame clears and transmutes negative energies and karmas, heals, harmonizes, and energizes—infuses all places and spaces with love light life force—activates your light and raises your vibrations to invite the experience your God-Self.

Learn to release deeply embedded toxic energies of fear that are blocking the expression of your magnificence and light by inviting and activating “the divine essence of the Violet Flame” within you—find peace in communion with the One Sacred Heart and heal your physical body and all your energetic bodies.

St. Germain has brought us the gifts of the Violet Flame for healing, clearing, and transmuting energies in all times, spaces, and dimensions.

Healing is remembering who we are!

In all my classes I teach how to be aware of our true vibrational essence and how to raise our energetic frequencies—this process expands our creative abilities in harmonious ways and for our highest and greatest good—in furtherance of Peace and Harmony.

I am looking forward to share this sacred time with you!


Sarah Jeane

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Multimedia Art created by Sarah Jeane©”Heart of the Violet Flame”

Violet Flame- Art