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Sarah Jeane Sibli




We will meet on the parking lot in Wildwood Park In Thousand Oaks 91360.

Easy Parking at the entrance of the Park


If you wish to join us earlier around 7:15 PM at my home please feel free to come over for a snack and a cup of tea. Please email me if you wish to attend at – thank you!

Feel free to bring healthy snacks, water, and anything else you wish to share—this event is free!

Your beautiful loving presence will be the gift we give to one another as we commune in oneness with Mother Earth and Nature’s Intelligence within the energies of the full moon!

Please bring a backpack, flash-lights, water, many warm blankets, and warm clothes and good walking-hiking shoes so that you feel good and so that you have a good time. We will hike for a while and sit in a safe place in the middle of the park in nature to proceed with a deep communion with Nature’s Intelligence! 

Please walk in silence so that we can all tune into the voices of the Earth and the Elements and Nature.

Guided meditation, mantras, and one hour silent meditation in nature during the eclipse!

Thank you! Looking forward to share this holy time with you dear sisters and brothers!


The astrologers say that the September 1, New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo is going to open a doorway into the new. Whatever themes we have been working with this year are finally going to slip away and be birthed into something new.

These are great news dear friends! The global energies are supporting an expansion of our capacity to be of service as Light workers using our God’s Given Gifts! It is for us to let go and let God! We have to get clear that our highest heart desire is to be a conduit of God’s Love!

As the doorway opens, we are all going to catch a glimpse of what is in-store for us from now and until February of next year. Whatever arises on the New Moon Solar Eclipse is going to be paving the way for a new energetic cycle, which will carry us through till this time.

It is a gentler and more revealing time. There will be less confusion and stagnation and more clarity and understanding unfolding as we approach the new year.

It is a time to tune into the wisdom of the Universe—the Universal New Christ Light Grid—our Oneness with the “All That Is” and to deeply know in our hearts that there is only LOVE!

Multimedia Art created by Sarah Jeane “Violet Flame In Action”©

Art Violet Flame