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Sarah Jeane Sibli
Workshop with Sarah Jeane  • Energy Field Clearing & Space Clearing 
Sunday, August 26 – from 12:30 PM to 7:00 PM                                                                                                           
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Dear friends,

More people have been interested in the Energy Field Clearing Class, therefore I am offering another class Sunday, August 26. If you wish to attend or have questions please contact me ASAP! Thank you! 

In order to experience well-being and harmony it is crucial to know how to sustain our auric field and our living spaces clear. It is important to live with consciousness within a space that is holy. We have to attend lovingly to our auric field and space as much as we attend lovingly to our physical body because it is where we breathe and live. In the class we learn to be aware of energies within our auric field and of our vibrational frequency. Energies which do not belong to us may block the flow of Light and Life Force and this may cause physical and/or emotional pain. In the class I share with you effective energetic healing and clearing solutions, processes, and prayers. You will learn to clear your auric field and your space. You will learn to sustain your space clear to experience increasing well-being. You will feel lighter, healthier, and happier. 
I will share with you over 25 years of experience in that field—you will go home with channeled processes and powerful healing tools which will help you in your daily life.

“Special” for this class: $240.00—we are a small group (regular price: $550.00)—includes healthy snacks, fruits and teas and Kangen water. Feel free to bring anything you need (food, snacks as well as blankets and comfortable clothes, and a notebook).
To offer a nurturing space I teach this class at my home in Thousand Oaks. The class will start in the middle of the day at 12:30 PM and will last until 7:00 PM. It is important to rest in the evening and to sleep well—enjoy the energies of love. Nurture yourself. This is powerful Light work shifting your life and consciousness for the better and forever.

• If you would like a private class-workshop please let me know.

• If you feel called to this class and if money is an issue, it is possible to make payment arrangements.

• I describe the workshop below. 

I love you!      

Sarah Jeane

 Please read below a description of the class:
Workshop • Sarah Jeane 
•  •
Soul Memory Discovery (SMD) & Angelic Light Work by Sarah Jeane

You will learn to sustain your energy field clear, as well as your home and workspace. You will learn to be aware of your vibrational frequency so that you are able to experience more peace and harmony.
We will experience Love as the highest power!

Processes and energy work for your personal use to sustain harmony, well-being, and balance in your life:
1.  The Polarity Balance  
2.  The Invocation – Creating sacred Space 
3.  Balancing Reverse Polarities – Grounding further into the Earth Being  – Hypersensitivity Process

4.   Field Clearing:  Clearing the auric field (learn to release into the Light earthbound spirits, entities, implants or any other forms of energies which do not belong to you and do not serve you) 
 a)  Permanent Residue Cleanse
 b)  Releasing past trauma from your time in the womb.
 c)  Release earthbound spirits
 d) Heal and Release Dybbuks/Entities (understand their presences and how to be free and release them into the Light)
 e) Cutting Chakra Cords
 f) Create a Field that is filled with Light.

5. Heart Unification Process (Sarah Jeane©Synergism Into Love)
6.  Learn to use a Pendulum—learn listen to divine Guidance—be a clear Channel.                                                                       
7.  Clearing Spaces: Home, Workspace, and Land.
8.  Rewrite your Life Contract
9.   A Unification Process and much much more….
10.   Closing process