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Sarah Jeane Sibli

Workshop hosted by Sarah Jeane  January 30, 2015 •

8:00 PM at The Gateway / A Portal for Growth & Wellness (Workshop will be presented in the room upstairs) 2507 S. Barrington Blvd. LA, CA 90064

Suggested Donation: $20.00 • Thank you!

“Conscious Living with the Angels”

“Clear Blocked Energies, Sustain a Clear Space and Activate Divine Creative Flow and Expansion • Love and Thrive!

If you choose to be of service embracing your God given gifts and if you wish to be free from energies blocking “flow” and “expansion”, this class is for you! If you attend this class this means that you are an old soul ready to do big work on the planet!


Together we will create a Sacred Space and commune with Luminous Beings to clear our fields from old energies such as Negative influences, Seven Kinds, Elementals, Devices and Implants and Shadows, as well as Earthbound Spirits, all the way to our lives in Atlantis and beyond. These are old energies that are not serving us and are blocking light and flow in some aspects of our lives. It is a time to be 100% clear, to love unconditionally and expand in infinite ways!

We will clear these old energies and patterns in all our bodies all the way to the memory of the cells, DNA-RNA, and invite “light, love, bliss, serenity, ease and grace”—we will invite divine flow and life force to naturally take over and infuse our beingness all the way to the cells.

This process raises our energetic frequency, opens our heart wider to love all of life—it activates greater awareness and eases our divine communion with the Angels, Masters, and all Luminous Beings giving them the opportunity to intervene in our behalf—it will allow increasing flow and activate furthermore our divine creative abilities and potentialities.


Multimedia Art Created by Sarah Jeane “Ascension”

Multimedia Art-Ascension

Do you wish to be aware of energies in your space and live within a clear shield of light and peace communing with the Angels?

Would you like to increase your vibrational frequencies and sustain high energies of Love and Light to expand your creative Self and Life’s work?

Would you like to understand at deep levels what entities and Earthbound Spirits are and be free from any fears related?

During this class I will share with you how I learned to clear my own space and energy field, how I have helped numerous people attacked by entities and dark forces and how easy it is to clear space when we have faith in a higher power of love sustaining all that is—when we know that we are never walking alone, we are surrounded by Angelic Light Beings—and when we understand that our intentions are living life forces in action. Blocked energies in any aspect of our beings and lives can also be caused by the presence of entities or earthbound spirits within the energy field interrupting “flow” and our ability to see truth. It is important to be aware of what we allow in our space and when it is necessary, to guide energies which do not belong to us into the light with love. It is important to keep our space clear and also to know how to clear it. More we surrender and embrace “love” more we activate our body of Light. When we truly love there is only love and our space is always clear, we then live in the realization of the Ray of Light we are in the radiance of God. It is an expanding energetic process and expansion of our heart and light, of the love we are willing to allow and see. Love is the most powerful force sustaining you, me, all beings, and all that is.

• Please contact me if you wish to attend this class and if you have questions at:

•• If you wish for clearing and healing, clarity and strength, love and balance, this class is for you. If you wish to play with the Angels of Light within a beautiful sacred space, this class is for you. If you wish for increasing Love and divine creative expansion and flow in all aspects of your life this class is for you! ••

I am looking forward to share this divine expansion with you!

Every time we release layers of energies which are not serving us and do not belong to us, we transmute energies to embrace more love and harmony in our lives and we invite increasing love and harmony on the planet.


Sarah Jeane