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Sarah Jeane Sibli

Clear your Energy Field and your Space

Discover at a deeper level your Angelic Self

Open your Hearts to Divine Guidance—to the nurturing Love of Father Mother God

Intensive/Workshop hosted by Sarah Jeane

April, “Saturday 8 and Sunday 9” from 1:00 PM to 5:30 PM.

or choose the next date:

April, “Saturday 15 and Sunday 16” from 1:00 PM to 5:30 PM.

• At no additional cost I offer one additional afternoon if you would like further guidance and support •

• If you wish that I teach in a different location, in a group or one on one, please contact me at

I work in “small” groups to empower you and to give you as much support and information as possible—to empower your life with Prayers and Spiritual Healing Techniques, Harmony, and Love energies!

Location: Thousand Oaks, CA 91360 (exit “Lynn” from the 101)
If you wish to attend or have questions you may contact Sarah Jeane at:

Would you like to know how to create a sacred space and be a clear Angelic channel and listen to the voice of the Divine, the Angels of Light, your Divine Guides, and the Masters of Light? 
Would you like to know how to be deeply aware of your energy frequency and sustain your energy field clear at all time? As an Angelic channel I am giving you tools to experience your God-Self or Angelic Self. When you live from your heart, in the true consciousness of who you are, your space will always be clear and filled with Light and Love—these teachings are supporting that realization and spiritual path.

In this workshop you will learn amazing tools to be aware of your space and frequency, to be a clear Angelic channel and commune with the Luminous Beings, Divine Guides, Masters, and Angels. You will leave the class feeling enlivened, uplifted, inspired, and happy, with empowering prayers and healing tools (hand outs)—you will be able to use them your whole life.                                                          

Description of the Workshop
1- We will create a Sacred space—(Why is it important to create a sacred space?):
2- You will commune with the Heart of Mother Earth and learn to be fully grounded.
3- You will learn to use a pendulum and be a clear conduit of light and love.
4- You will clear your auric field—releasing into the light old energies that are blocking light. You will assist earthbound spirits that are in your space to move into the Light “with love” to help them find peace. You will release into the Light invasive energies. As you practice in the class, you will increase your awareness, happiness, and well being.
5- You will clear, heal, balance, and align your energy centers, inviting sunlight-life force.
6- You will learn to be a clear channel in communion with divine guidance and listen to divine messages.
7- Guidelines and practice to activate and open the Portal of the Heart.
8- You will learn to clear your home, workspaces, and playspaces.


Registration and payment: $480.00 • Limited seats.
Healthy snacks and drinks included.

Thank you for contacting me via email to register and/or please feel free to ask me questions at
I am looking forward to be of service and share that sacred time with you!

With Infinite Gratitude, Love, and Joy,


Sarah Jeane