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Immerse Yourself in Holy Angelic Light Energies!

Join us September 1st starting at 1:00 PM at

a talk show where we experience Angels’ Love!


I am so honored, LA Street Angel, Mandelyn Reese has invited me for an interview where we will talk about the purpose of Angels in our lives, how to commune with them and listen to their messages of Love.

We will talk about the deep communion and experience with Angels, my mission as an Angel Therapist and Light Worker and how we can all come together as Angelic Beings, and bring forth increasing goodness in our daily lives and in our world—We are all Angelic Light Workers, it is our purpose.


My teachings and healing modalities are multidimensional: Tree of Life Activation; Karmic issues- trauma release and healing – DNA-RNA reprogramming; clearings; reading energies; Heart activation; Violet Flame activation-Angels of the Violet Flame-St. Germaine; raising consciously our frequencies with the support of the Luminous Angels and Masters; Chakra clearing-healing and activation; ascension Light work; a healing journey and communion with Mother Earth; and more.

I will talk about my books (also future books and CDs), artistic creations, and teachings and how it is possible to channel messages from The Angels.
In that interview we will all be within a Sacred Space to invite and allow the Luminous Angelic Beings to manifest and to transmit Healing Light to everyone listening and to the whole world, as we are all guided to open our hearts to receive LOVE LIGHT PEACE from the Angels and be blessed by oneness consciousness of the Divine.

• I offer healing sessions and teach in person or over the phone—individuals, couples, and groups.                                I am a “Soul Memory Discovery” Practitioner and Teacher, an “Angel Therapist” and “Theta Healing” Practitioner and Teacher.
I channel, practice, and teach a Healing Modality named by the Angels “Synergism Into Love, Angelic Light Principles & Codes for Harmonization”.
Additionally, I practice a healing modality called CRT (Cellular Resonance Technique – Quantum Healing), guiding you to release traumas and pain by releasing tensions within the physical body, transforming pain into beneficial energies.


• You are invited to my next classes, workshops, and meditations: 

1- Workshop hosted by Sarah Jeane • Sunday, September 4, 2016 at 7:00 PM •
Violet Flame Activation!

St. Germain and the Gifts of the Violet Flame—God’s Love in action transmuting-uplifting energies!
Address details will be given upon registration. Please email to Sarah Jeane at if you wish to attend. The event is taking place in Encino, CA.
$20.00 heart donation!

2- At the Gateway—Monday, September 12 at 8:00 PM: “Tree of Life Activation”
Experience an activation of every aspect of the Tree of Life within you—God’s Love awakening in you! An expansion of your God-Self!  At the Gateway / A Portal for Growth & Wellness
(Workshop will be presented in the room upstairs)
2507 S. Barrington Blvd. LA, CA 90064
Suggested Donation: $25.00 • Thank you!

3- FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE MEDITATION in Wildwood Park in Thousand Oaks                     

Friday, September 16 at 8:00 PM – Please send me an email if you wish to attend this event at 

Communion with Nature’s Intelligence, guided meditation, mantras, and about one hour silent meditation in nature during the eclipse! You are invited at 8:00 PM—we all meet on the parking lot in Wildwood Park In Thousand Oaks, 91360. Easy Parking at the entrance of the Park.


• You may visit Mandelyn Reese You Tube channel:

Thank you Mandelyn for this beautiful opportunity to share with many people Angels’ Love!

Blessings of Peace and Love to all,

Sarah Jeane

Artistic expression-Heart


Multimedia Art created by Sarah Jeane “Angel’s Love”© 

• Angelic presences in our lives and all around the globe are eagger to commune with us to guide us to live in consciousness of the Sacred and of God, to create a New World of Peace and Harmony.