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Sarah Jeane Sibli

Workshop-Meditation of the Heart 

Presented by Sarah Jeane

 “Discover & Explore Your Divine Design from the Sacred Heart •

12 Aspects of God Activation”

Explore and Experience the Sacred Heart!

Anchor the corresponding Light Rays (God’s Divine qualities) within your Sacred Heart!

Duration: about 3 to 4 Hours

May 15, 2017—or choose another date

in Thousand Oaks from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM


When I teach a small group: $160.00 per person.

When I teach one on one this workshop: $200.00)


• When you participate to this workshop you will receive my CD Meditation Workshop for free – value $88.00.

Additionally, the Angels answer your questions and concerns guiding you to receive the Love of the Divine.

(May 14 Workshop is about Expanding the Sacred Heart, please read about the event from this link:•-dive-into-the-love-of-the-divine/

If you wish to attend both workshops, May 14 and 15, you get a discount that weekend: $230.00 for both days or you may choose another day for both classes.)

• If you cannot attend the class at this date you may choose another day.

• You may book a private class/or session

Please contact Sarah Jeane at:


Increase your capacity to Love and to invite Miracles in your lives

and in the World from the Sacred Heart!


We will delve into the “Twelve Doorways of Light to experience our God-Self—the Essence of the Soul”. These Doorways are God’s Divine qualities inherent to our Divine Design, the Tree of Life within. This Workshop-Meditation supports an energetic revelation and a conscious integration of your Divine design. 

“Mother Earth, within all its Dimensions of Light” is holding you with Love!

How do we live from the God-Self, from the Soul? What does this mean? Together, we will move into that understanding and experience of the Soul within the Heart!

  • “Become aware of all Dimensions of Light intrinsic to your Divine design”.

All Dimensions live within us and are intrinsic to all of Life and its Divine design. Together we will be guided by theAngels to open our hearts and raise our vibrations to fifth dimensional consciousness and above, the higher dimensions of Light—also encompassing all dimensions within the “enlightened aspects of Prana” inherent to our Divine Design and all Life. (Another name for Prana is: “creative life-giving force”).

(Discover the God Self, every enlightened Divine aspects, inherent to every Dimension:

After the class, you will be able to repeat the Meditation once a week, or once or twice a month to increase your capacity to expand your Light Body and invite Miracles in your Life and around the world from your Sacred Heart! 

Live in the Light of your God Self!

 “Healing is remembering who we are and integrating our Divine designthese classes are supporting this journey.


Blessings of Love,

Sarah Jeane


The God Self© Multimedia Art by Sarah Jeane

Art- The God Self