Visionary Artist · Author · Multidimensional Healing

Sarah Jeane Sibli

Sarah Jeane is a global visionary artist, graphic artist, illustrator, and art director, author, spiritual counselor healer and spiritual teacher, working in the U.S. and in Europe since 1978.

Sarah Jeane has been working in the movie industry, publishers, architects, and multiple companies as an art director, background artist, illustrator and graphic artist.
Since her early twenties, she has been studying and practicing healing modalities, yoga, and meditation.
This journey has guided her to dedicate her creative gifts to serve a higher purpose and bring forth the Light and Beauty of our World.

This path inspired Sarah Jeane to author books, which further guide people to discover their true identity, thus awakening to an awareness of the beauty and sacredness of life.

She attended Art Schools in France, Switzerland and Italy. Her career started as an artist in Switzerland creating and painting backgrounds for an animated feature production.

In New York City, Italy and Paris she worked for publishers and various companies.
In Paris and Los Angeles she worked for major studios; Disney, Turner (Hanna Barbera), Warner Brothers, Paramount, and additional multimedia studios, as an Art Director, Background Artist, and a Computer Graphic Artist.

Sarah Jeane is extending her light work around the world through her beautiful artistic expression, her teaching and healing modalities, helping people to be free from painful issues. Her works of art are doorways of light. Her teachings and healing modalities are guiding people to experience their divinity and the sacredness of life.

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