Visionary Artist · Author · Multidimensional Healing

Sarah Jeane Sibli


“Art From The Light” invites you to walk through Doorways of Light, expressing Divine messages inspired by a personal spiritual journey, the Sacredness, Divine Design and Beauty of Life.

This artwork brings forth an awareness of Love Light force energy sourcing from the essence of life, visions based on the sacred aspects of Life—a consciousness of oneness encompassing the natural flow, divine design and evolution of Life.

Embracing the beauty and life force emanating from all Life and contributing to harmony, peace, and joy are major themes in my global work. It includes the art of balancing, space clearing, harmonizing and allowing the natural flow of Light energies to ultimately enjoy the highest quality of life for every Living Being. It is awakening our consciousness to experience the sacredness in all Life, our Divine Light and the Light sourcing from all Creation. It is an awakening of the Heart—the highest vibrations of Love Consciousness.

The energetic frequency of my creative work and messages are guiding you to liberate the full expressions of your divine Self, awakening the Heart, so that boundless creative abilities are forever revealed and expanding—led by the ultimate divine power of Love, serving all Life’s highest good.

When I paint a portrait or any other personal empowering painting, an awareness of the Soul’s Divine Purpose is being communicated to my Divine Self, revealing a vision I then artistically express. The vibrational frequency emanating from this artistic expression supports an energetic activation of one’s true gifts, light, and full potential.

Divine creativity and our God-given gifts are experienced when we choose to live and breathe within the frequency of our true nature or Divine Self—we recognize within, unique Divine qualities—we then understand our purpose.

Expressing our Divine Self is to recognize in our “heart and mind”, Nature’s Divine Design of Love Light, God’s consciousness. It is a boundless flow of Love, an experience of bliss and wholeness.

Experiencing Divine Creativity is living from the Heart of your Soul. “Art From The Light” conveys pictographic art and messages, guiding you to this realization. It is living and breathing within an awareness of a Divine Design, i.e., the Sacredness of Life.