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Sarah Jeane Sibli
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July 7, 2017 at 9:00 AM


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• 1st Friday, every month, 9:00 AM  PT • May 5, 2017

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Sarah Jeane is a spiritual counselor healer, angelic channel, spiritual teacher, inspirational speaker, author (click here to view Sarah Jeane’s books), visionary artist and graphic artist, illustrator and art director. She has been of service in communion with Angelic Beings, Masters of Light, and Nature’s Intelligence—expresses “Light, the Sanctity of Life” in all that she creates in furtherance of global peace and harmony. She has been embraced by the Light and guided by Luminous Angelic Beings into higher dimensional realms of consciousness to receive instant healing and messages of Peace and Love.

“Love the Angels” show is all about Love—the Angels are all about the Love of the heart. When we love we shift in consciousness and we step into infinite possibilities within that light frequency, we raise our vibrations, our light expands—we then contribute to goodness and peace. Our love is received by all beings and Mother Earth. We are here to Love! In that Love we understand who we are, we awaken, we create in harmony.
The purpose of the show is to increase our capacity to expand awareness, harmony, serenity, and the love in our hearts despite any other external circumstances—the spiritual insights from the Angels, Masters of Light, and Nature’s Intelligence are guiding us on that journey.

• Topic of this month show, July 7, 2017: “Be a Clear Channel”: To be a clear channel is to completely surrender to that higher power of love, to that divine intelligence, to that infinite intelligent network of light that unites us all and from where all life has its source. Ultimately, it is forever a discovery of the Sacred Heart space to be of service in Holy ways and co-create in Love.

 Upcoming classes: July 17 • “LOVE THE ANGELS’ CIRCLE” • Join us every other Monday at 7:30 PM at the Gateway – A Portal for Growth and Wellnessto experience the love, guidance, and healing of the Angels • 2511, Suite 100 S. Barrington Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90064 • $15.00 donation at the door (No one tuned away) You don’t have to feel isolated anymore—join us and receive healing on all levels of your being. We will pray together, and open our hearts to be conduits, clear channels to the Angels in the Love of the Divine. We will delve in that Love. This first month Archangel Gabriel wishes to come forward to bring peace!

You may read about my all classes from this following link:

• Please feel free to contact me at, to schedule any classes (one on one or in group) or healing sessions.

• My friend musician and composer Dov, created a beautiful angelic soundtrack for the show, “Love the Angels”.
You may listen to Dov’s angelic sounds on my CD meditation workshop  and on these two websites: & You may contact Dov at

Please contact Sarah Jeane at, with your questions and/or issues related to these topics—you will receive messages and answers from the Angels.

May all the forces of Love be with you!

Angels’ Blessings to all,

Sarah Jeane

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