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Sarah Jeane Sibli

January, 2016

Dear Lightworkers,

May the beginning of the new year be gentle and peaceful for you, and filled with joy.

My intention is to share with you Alchemical Sacred Work channeled for Lightworkers—in this upcoming workshop!

This work is so powerful that it allows you to shift “destiny path” for your journey to be fully empowered with awareness, love, harmony, and joy! We live within an interdimensional time space, a divine design of fluid light—divinely assisted—this is why we have the ability to change destiny path and co-create anything we wish for the betterment of humankind and all of life, the moment we expand the Sacred Heart to a high frequency of Love. 

The heart openness in average for light workers (worldwide) is 47% right now—when the Heart is open at 58% all doubts are gone and at 62% we start manifesting miracles. This workshop takes us directly to 52% openness and within the next month or two to 62%. The heart openness will keep expanding.
For many years I have belonged to a worldwide group of Lightworkers, and we are all expanding our hearts’ awareness and love through powerful channeled prayers and processes at this time, to reach 62% heart openness in the next month or two and increasingly more during the year. Our goal is to spread the love and heart expansion!

Love-vibrations are contagious!

I wish to share with you these channeled prayers that are specifically for Lightworkers. They are raising our vibrational frequency, expanding the Sacred Heart to invite miracles in our lives and for the world. Don’t we need miracles in our lives and in our world right now!

The Sacred Heart is the multidimensional portal, the window through which the light of creation flows. At this pivotal time it is important to anchor “all our senses” within the Sacred Heart to expand its activation and support our ascension (12 Strand DNA activation)

• I offer this small workshop in Thousand Oaks, Friday, January 8, from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM and Sunday, January 10 from 2:30 PM to 5:30 PM. ($88.00 or what you can as an exchange of energy).

I offer the same class Saturday, January 9, at 8:30 PM over the phone—we will be together on the phone. ($35.00 or what you can as an exchange of energy).

This same class will take place at Ron Holman’s Office in Northridge, Wednesday, 13 of January.

If you wish to receive this sacred work and if you are unable to attend the class at these dates (or for any other reason) please contact me at

Together, we will go over every process. I will show you how to use these processes, how it is possible to further activate and expand our Sacred Heart, Flower of Life, Vesica Piscis and anchor all our senses within the Sacred heart to furthermore expand our abilities to be of service—let go and let God, uplift our world, and embrace all beings in Love. It is amazing alchemical sacred work! When we live from the high vibration of love in the Sacred Heart we naturally sustain our energetic field clear. But until we are able to open the heart in that way it is important to know how to clear our energetic field to support that process of opening the heart fully. We will receive this work from a clear space.

We will work within a beautiful sacred space and together we will receive this activation, to anchor all our senses in the Light of the Sacred Heart, assisted by the Overlighting Devas of the corresponding color rays and masters of the Light—Alchemical Light work within holy dimensions of Consciousness. You will then repeat the same process every day for another two months. You will feel your heart opening feeling safe to love yourself and all beings.

• To register, please contact me at
$88.00 is the energy exchange for this class—the number 8 is the number of miracles and 16 is the chemical symbol for Oxygen, O2—life force. It is the 8th element in the periodic table (having 8 protons in its nucleus and 8 electrons surrounding it).

If for any reason you are unable to attend but wish to receive this sacred work, please contact me.

• I teach “Energetic Field Clearing Classes” as well as many other topics. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in any of these classes. You will receive information and divine guidance that are life shifting.

In Oneness,
May our Lives and our World be Blessed with Love, Serenity, and Grace.

Sarah Jeane

If you have questions feel free to contact me.


Description of my services – I teach the healing modalities and processes listed below (the only healing modality I don’t teach is CRT).
1 – In my practice and teachings I use an amazing powerful healing modality called “Soul Memory Discovery”.

As an “Angel Therapist” and“Theta Healing” Practitioner and Teacher, I use additional divine tools through Divine guidance.
I channel, practice, and teach a Healing Modality named by the Angels “Synergism Into Love, Angelic Light Principles & Codes for Harmonization”.
2 – An important step – Energetic field clearing—how to sustain our field clear and why it is important to do so.

Release intrusive energies, earthbound spirits and entities that are blocking light in the aura. You will feel lighter and more peaceful. You will move deeper within the heart. Release energies, which do not serve you and do not belong to you.

3 – When we clear the energy field, we release earthbound spirits into the light of God and often some of them are close friends or family members (of my clients)—often people wish to heal painful unresolved issues with their loved ones who have passed on. This is the moment to commune from the heart in love, for everyone to heal so that harmony and love prevail—so that the person who has passed on, may move into the light with ease and grace and in peace. These are profound and touching moments and also joyous moments, when all spaces are infused with the love, peace, and light of God.

4 – Release traumas, painful issues, and karmic issues—DNA-RNA reprogramming (encompassing the collective consciousness-we are one), using all healing modalities described in number 1 -.

5 – In my practice, I also use a healing modality called Cellular Resonance Technique (CRT) – Quantum Healing: CRT induces the body to express itself in truth, by locating specific beliefs causing energetic blockages within the physical body and in some aspects of our life. These blockages are linked to emotional and physical pain, sometimes unresolved issues and traumas—when using CRT we locate such painful hidden programs to release them and transform them to serve our highest good—liberating the freedom of our spirit, i.e., our ability to expand in love and harmony.

6 – How to create a sacred space—workplaces and play-spaces, homes, and lands.

7 – Activate and raise the frequency of your Sacred Heart to love “you” and all beings unconditionally, to be of service. Expand the Sacred Heart and commune with the sacredness of life, clearing and activating the chakras.

8 – Heal present and past lives issues and traumas through Past Life Regression, Therapy, and Release.

9 – Learn to be clear within a sacred space and learn to be grounded, communing with Mother Earth, Father Sky, and all four sacred directions. To be grounded within the Earth Being supports your daily balance and well-being.

10 – Important guidelines to become a spiritual practitioner (integrity, honoring, and love). How to let go and let God. How to commune with the Masters of Light, Archangels, and Angels, and your Divine Guides.

11 – How to work with the Violet Flame and St.Germain—receive the gift of its essence and heal yourself—heal your life and embrace well-being—transmute energies.

12 – How to read energetic frequencies and raise frequencies—read the life force in your whole being, any object, water, food, and places and the like. Through divine guidance you raise your energetic frequency and activate the “light life force” at a deeper level of your being and your hearts. I teach you how to be aware of your frequencies to live in a more conscious way of your mission and purpose to bring forth further joy and well being into your life. (This technique was revealed within the Great Pyramid of Giza, Keops, to a French radiesthesist, Mr. Bovis—I can assure you that such readings are accurate readings. Most radiesthesists are using this technique.)

13 – “Tree of Life Activation” based on my 2 books, inspired from divine guidance: Within God’s Light, we activate all Divine qualities and all aspects of the Tree of Life, within our being to experience our true spiritual essence, our God-Self—this activation harmonizes and increases the flow of life force and supports our balance. This process opens the heart and activates our divine creative abilities and potentialities.

Twelve Strand DNA activation from the Sacred Heart

January, 2016 Dear Lightworkers, May the beginning of the new year be gentle and peaceful for you, and filled with joy. My intention is to share with you Alchemical Sacred Work channeled for Lightworkers—in this upcoming workshop! This work is so powerful that it allows you to shift “destiny path” for your journey to be fully […]