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Sarah Jeane Sibli

MAY, 2014


Dear friends and readers,

These “Monthly Messages” encompass the subjects of spiritual awareness and the sacredness of life—in furtherance of harmony and peace for all beings—to co-create in divine and loving ways, diving ever deeper within the realm of our God-Self.

I choose to live in awareness of my vibrational frequency. I choose compassion, reverence, blissful serenity, and love for myself, all beings, and all of life—it is the resonance of the One Sacred Heart—it is oneness consciousness.

When we choose to live in oneness consciousness we see oneness in everything—the essence of all life epitomizes an intrinsic divine design and harmonic synergism—a divine intelligence.

Even when our emotions take over our personality “for a while” we have the ability to see oneness and wisdom emerging from these emotions. When we stay aware of our emotions and intentions we naturally move into increasing awareness of our oneness and divine Self. We witness our emotions and we see who we are.

All is love consciousness at its source. “Our actions and feelings” are synergies, consciously or unconsciously motivated by a search for increasing love—even if we feel despair or act in despair—we are looking for LOVE!

We are naturally dwelling to an experience of our oneness and divinity because we are programmed or coded with God’s infinite qualities of love, a divine design inherent to all of life—we naturally long for the experience of our pure essence or God-Self.

When we choose to truly live in oneness consciousness we know that there are no separation of any kind with anything or anyone. We embrace with love our beautiful Self—we embrace all beings and all life with love, compassion, and reverence. We embrace the presence of all animals with love at any moment. We honor them and embrace their divine presence—we truly see them—we see their important role in our lives and upon the planet—we see their beauty and spirit and we naturally communicate with them and embrace their presence with love and joy.

In reality “we” (humans, animals, and all of life) are playing within a divine design and matrix of Light consciousness and it is of Joy! 

Artwork created by Sarah Jeane© entitled “Joy Within the Light”

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Please see below excerpts from my book, “Twelve Doorways of Light: A Portal to Your God-Self” published by Balboa Press.

Our Oneness with Mother Earth and All of Creation

It is fundamental to understand our intimate relationship with Mother Earth, the Earth Being, and our sacred connection with nature’s intelligence.

Ignoring our oneness with Mother Earth, nature’s intelligence, and all of creation, is a form of unconsciousness, often leading to destructive behaviors, destabilizing all life. What occurs in our environment and lives mirrors our choices of consciousness.

Every living being has the natural ability and gift to live harmoniously in oneness with Mother Earth and all nature’s intelligence—since all of creation synergistically exists within the same matrix of consciousness or same intelligent divine design. Within that divine design, every human has some aspect of free will.

 I now choose to live with awareness my divine union with the Earth Being, honoring and loving all beings and all that is.

Global harmony, peace, health, wealth, goodness, and wellness for all beings, requires that the resources of the planet are used with infinite wisdom, reverence, and praise—with a consciousness of the sacred—always serving all life’s highest good. This is possible when we awaken to our true divinity. It is living in divine consciousness and unity consciousness.

 Nothing belongs to us but everything lives and breathes with us. We are living in oneness with all that is. All belongs to God.

Mother Earth embraces all her children. We are all enriched by Mother Earth boundless abundance, beauty, and gifts.

Now is the time to awaken to experience and appreciate these divine qualities and gifts.

When trees and forests are destroyed, when the Earth is polluted with its rivers and oceans, all living beings are hurting, including the Earth Being. Destroying our natural environment and its biological harmony has detrimental consequences for all beings, Mother Earth, and all aspects of life.

The core essence of our “beingness and of all that is” is forever untouched and pure love light consciousness: this is why it is never too late to choose love and live in true unity consciousness.

Mother Nature emanates high frequencies that are divine and intimately connected to our energy fields, bodies, minds, and hearts. We receive life force from nature’s elements—we continually exchange energies with nature. Fruits, vegetables, plants, trees, air, sun, and water—all nature sustains us—and everything in nature is sustained by one another.

 Life force energies are also experienced as vortexes, diverse specific energetic currents emerging from the Earth Being and the cosmos—energies and sounds emanating from all creation, crop circles, crystals, gemstones, rocks, water, fire, flowers, plants, trees, and so much more.

Our whole world holds infinite sacred forces, vibrations, sounds, colors, and lights. They are all fundamental to humans, animals, birds, insects, trees, plants, flowers, water and all that is. We all live in harmonic synergy within an amazing divine design. In order to sustain and experience harmony, we have to live with consciousness of our oneness and sacredness—and the sacredness within all that is.

Connecting with the sacred and magical aspects of life is experiencing the voices of nature, the whisper of God’s love in your heart, and the breath of life. When you live consciously in oneness, nothing of a lower energy created by human thought forms is able to take you away from that bliss. Nothing of a lower energy can enter your space.

Nature offers infinite tools and doorways to awaken and to sustain serenity, bliss, joy, and wellness. Nature offers infinite synergies of light, beauty, and gifts of love.

heart of the earth• Meditation: While lying in the grass, I listen to the wind, the birds, and the crickets. They are comforting me and connecting me with the sacred forces and voices in nature and with my divine Self. This magical world of beauty and goodness is infinite. While walking and meditating in nature, I breathe the light life force energy animating all life. I sit down and repose against a beautiful tree in the middle of a meadow. I take several long and deep breaths until I feel very relaxed. I let go of all thoughts.  Slowly I free my mind. I close my eyes and listen to the sounds. They are soothing and comforting. I feel so safe and so loved. I listen to the voices in nature. I commune with the light energies of the trees, the flowers, the birds, the sky, the wind, the sun, and all life. They are nurturing me and loving me. I breathe within this infinite nurturing  synergy of love with gratitude. I experience divine energies of peace and love emanating from all that surrounds me and emanating from me as One!—all is One! I experience the sacredness of life and unity consciousness!

I discover the beauty of my world from a place of reverence and praise!

 Love and Blessings of Peace and Harmony to all Beings and all of Life!

Sarah Jeane



Oneness Consciousness

MAY, 2014 ONENESS CONSCIOUSNESS Dear friends and readers, These “Monthly Messages” encompass the subjects of spiritual awareness and the sacredness of life—in furtherance of harmony and peace for all beings—to co-create in divine and loving ways, diving ever deeper within the realm of our God-Self. I choose to live in awareness of my vibrational frequency. […]