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Sarah Jeane Sibli

January, 2014


These “Monthly Messages” encompass the subjects of spiritual awareness and the sacredness of life—in furtherance of harmony and peace for all beings—to co-create in divine and loving ways, diving ever deeper within the realm of our God-Self.

• We all wish to experience a successful year, joy and harmony with our families and friends. We all wish for peace and harmony in the world. In order to create, activate, and allow harmony, joy, peace, and success, it is important to let go of the past and forgive “in all ways we know we have to forgive” deep within our hearts. If we hold on to grudges, resentments, judgments or any other painful feelings we are blocking a natural flow of goodness, love, and success—a flow we are meant to experience and receive naturally from all of life.

If negative feelings are leading to depression, it is a time to understand that depression comes about when we are unable to accept what is in the moment, unable to surrender and “trust” the process of life—our vibrational frequency is then low and we are unable to create in divine ways and live our true purpose. Depression is the cause of blocked energies within one’s being. Various exercises such as Yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi or other physical exercises (for example swimming and running or hiking with your dog and horseback riding—connecting from the heart with animals and nature’s intelligence), as well as various breathing exercises may release these blocked energies (for example in yoga, practicing the “breath of fire” is a very efficient way for calming the mind and balancing the nervous system). Additionally spending (daily) “time” in meditation will also bring someone back to himself or herself. It is important to take care of the physical body, the mind and emotional body, and spiritual body—all together to find balance and unleash blocked energies. We cannot deny or neglect any aspect of our being. Of course if you choose to live as a guru master, you may meditate day and night to transcend all physical reality.

With time depression invites additional unbalanced energies and frequencies invading people’s energetic field, sometimes taking over the personality and mind—leading to despair, chronic fears, a distorted view of life, actions and thoughts that are destructive. It is possible to clear our space and energy field any time we decide to wake up and embrace our divinity. It is leaving one matrix to embrace the divine global matrix—to experience our wholeness and oneness. The Presence of the Divine is in everything—there is unconditional love consciousness at the core essence of every experience  and all that is.

When we do not live conscious of the divine aspects of life, of our divinity, soul’s purpose and oneness, we loose ourselves within multitudes of illusory thoughts—our perception of life becomes limited.  The ego (multitudes of thoughts) is then in charge creating a veil that is blocking the truth of who we are—it is a painful place to be.

 heart of the earthPrayer and meditation: At any moment it is possible to move into the heart consciousness to find peace and surrender, by breathing deeply within the heart with all your feelings without judging them—letting go and trusting that the heart consciousness transmutes all energies into peace love frequencies. Through faith we have to find the willingness to forgive and be liberated from painful negative feelings and beliefs that are blocking the energetic flow of well-being and peace. We have to commit to daily spiritual work through the heart to sustain a clear sacred space and experience balance and wellness.

We have to learn to see who we are to experience peace. Allow yourself to “feel” through the heart and breathe into it. 

 • Our hearts are also working in oneness and are programmed with unconditional love and God’s divine qualities. When we live and breathe within the consciousness of the heart our vibrational frequency raises and our light shines. We then liberate and allow a flow of light energy opening doorways to clarity, purpose, and peace. We then liberate our capacity to create in divine ways from the heart, guided by the love of God. This is when we experience the power of love in action in all aspects of life.

This liberation occurs because the person frequency is in alignment with the vibrational frequency of light holding all divine design in oneness—it is an energy of peace, grace, and love—it is our true nature and essence.

Excerpt from my book “Twelve Doorways of Light: A Portal to Your God-Self”:

• Every human being is naturally looking for forgiveness—consciously or unconsciously. We are naturally on a quest for love and freedom. This inner quest for forgiveness comes from a profound and intrinsic knowing of our divinity, a place of love within that is untouched and forever pure—that this is lived consciously or not—it just is.

When we do not forgive, we hold on to fears, pain, resentments, and anger. The ego is taking control, and we are temporarily not aware of who we are. We are not living in consciousness. We are holding on to an illusory state that creates all sorts of painful feelings.

Blaming, holding grudges, animosity, judgment, and guilt are overall energies associated with fears. When we forgive and are compassionate, we become conscious. All fears are transmuted into love vibrations.

Pain comes from the separation with one’s Self—a holy place of love within, which is untouched. When we ignore our divine Self, we are in emotional pain. Since the heart is programmed with divine love consciousness, we are naturally yearning to experience the nature of our true essence. That love is embedded at the source of our being—whether or not we are aware of it.

We all are naturally looking for ways to be free from guilt and free from our mistakes—or what we call mistakes. In reality, there are no mistakes. Consciously or unconsciously, we are naturally looking for ways to be at peace with all life and with our Self since our essence is of pure love, divine, holy, and of God. It is necessary to learn ways to break free from negative self-punishing patterns, which blur our senses and bind us with ignorance and suffering.

 As we are reaching for forgiveness, we understand that we have always been forgiven and there has never been anything to forgive—since our essence is of pure love light consciousness. We can choose to live in peace love consciousness any moment, and forgiveness takes place naturally. When we do not forgive, we deny our very own identity. We suffer, feel fear, and despair, searching for identifications and patterns that are feeding the ego. These are illusory beliefs, illusory materialistic fixations, and addictions.

We have the ability to respond to life with consciousness. We have choices and make choices—consciously or unconsciously. Denying or ignoring the nature of our essence is moving away from truth—from who we are—and life gets increasingly more painful. Life always brings forth opportunities to embrace our true identity and oneness—pay attention!

If you dwell on negative feelings, ignoring who you are, pain takes over. It is like digging a hole and moving deeper into that hole. It gets darker and darker—and you feel increasingly more lost and alone. Cosmic divine consciousness—God sees you only as pure love, perfected consciousness, and whole; therefore, you are already free from all condemnations and limitations.


 Artwork Created by Sarah Jeane© entitled “Vision of Love”

• Recognizing your holiness is your natural way to be. It alleviates all fear, guilt, condemnation, and doubt, liberating all shadows of aloneness and uncertainty.

Every human being seeks forgiveness consciously or unconsciously. In order to experience forgiveness, all we need to do is to open our hearts and align our vibrations with our essence—it is pure love frequency. We are naturally on a quest for that love and freedom. When we forgive, we become a blessing to all life, wishing love, joy, wellness, and goodness to every being. The abundance of love, goodness, and wellness is activated and expands without limits.

It feels good to reconcile with life. It feels good to forgive and let go. Forgive yourself about any issue that is troubling you or causing you pain. Embrace your whole Self with limitless compassion. Find ways to be compassionate toward all of who you are as well as toward all beings. Stay in your heart and learn to soften your energy with love. When you bring forth feelings of compassion, it opens the heart, guiding you to forgive. Compassion always opens the heart and moves you to high levels of love consciousness, truth, and awareness.

Embrace the realization that the spirit within you is of God, divine and of absolute perfection, harmonious, whole, and of pure love consciousness. This is who you are.

• Forgiving is about shifting matrix. It is to completely move from one illusory matrix born from the ego into the matrix of true love consciousness, emanating from all life. Forgiving is reprogramming a frequency through the power of the heart. No further judgments, resentments or animosity can take place. You are free—you have let go of controlling others and the world.

When you wish to control your world and others, you are losing your power and joy of living. When you let go of control, you are free. The qualities of love and honoring become your consciousness.

Forgiving is letting go of control and naturally awakening to compassion. Compassion is a state of awareness, understanding, and infinite grace. In compassion, you are unconditionally loving. You are living and loving from the heart.

Your motivation to forgive and let go of all resentments, blame, guilt, and condemnation is born from an inner longing for the personality to be completely in alignment with a consciousness of the God-Self. It is allowing God’s qualities to be revealed from within. It is allowing the Tree of Life to come forward from within to exude beauty and boundless love. It is inviting an experience of God.

heart of the earth• Prayer: I choose to live in the true consciousness of my being in love, in bliss, in joy. God’s peace love light permeates my whole being and consciousness. I invite love and goodness to be expressed in my life. I choose peace, love, harmony, joy, and compassion as my true state of being. 

I forgive myself, right now and completely. I forgive [fill-in the name/s] and all the beings, I know and I have known from the beginning of time to the present. With love and in love, I forgive [fill-in the name/s]. I am releasing all pain and negative feelings associated with [fill-in the name/s]—into the divine light of God now and forever. I am standing in my space within God’s light and [fill-in the name/s], you are standing in your space within God’s light. 

I am asking that all energies, which are not of love, within me and in my space (I know they are not mine), between myself and [fill-in the name/s], be now 100 percent released into the divine light of God, in all time, space, and dimension, now and forever, and on all levels of existence. I am asking that all these spaces be filled with God’s boundless love, peace, and supreme light. I am allowing and inviting goodness and wellness to be revealed and expressed.

Thank you God. And so it is. See the people you wish to forgive smiling at you and embraced by God’s light. See yourself in your space smiling at them and bathing in God’s Light. Express gratitude to them, your divine guidance team, to life, and to God.

• Forgiving is a place of complete liberation and empowerment, leading to well-being, expanded awareness, balance, and joy! Always remember that “forgiving is reprogramming a frequency through the power of the heart”—you have the ability to experience this any time.

Wishing you easy and nurturing reprogramming through the heart in furtherance of peace and harmony reaching all aspects of your life and in furtherance of peace and harmony upon our beautiful planet, the Earth Being.


Sarah Jeane

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