Visionary Artist · Author · Multidimensional Healing

Sarah Jeane Sibli

December, 2013


Dear friends and readers,

These “Monthly Messages” encompass the subjects of spiritual awareness and the sacredness of life—in furtherance of harmony and peace for all beings—to co-create in divine and loving ways, diving ever deeper within the realm of our God-Self.

• It is a time to reflect on our inner consciousness. It is a time to forgive and make a conscious decision to be a more loving being that we were yesterday. If we wish to ride the waves of our present global shift and awakening with ease, it is a time to move into the heart consciousness of our being and the heart of all life. This is where we found a sempiternal and boundless divine synergy of unconditional love inherently living at the core essence of all that is. We are then walking through an incredible Portal of Love consciousness to finally rest within divine consciousness, the heart and mind of God.

In every moment we are creating. Forgiving is surrendering and it is also learning to create in love. It is allowing receiving from God or Source. It is a gift because when we receive from God, we also give from a holy place of God’s consciousness. We are then expressing unconditional love. Choose to give, receive, and serve all life in love.

How do we receive from God? When we decide to live within the truth of our identity. When we surrender and love all of life. When we allow the embodiment of love consciousness to nurture us, to hold us, and to lead our way—when we choose to be of service. When we love. When we allow our true Self to be revealed and shine. When we allow the consciousness of the heart to be revealed and expressed. When we live in faith, inviting God’s infinite qualities to be expressed through us. When we discover boundless blissful serenity and joy within the stillness of our being—and when we learn to live from that consciousness.

Receiving from the Creator is the ultimate gift of love.

 Knowing how to give with love is receiving love. Knowing how to receive with love is giving love.

heart of the earth• Prayer and Meditation of the Month: I open a sacred space of love in my heart inviting divine guidance to hold me, the whole world, and my prayers in the light of God. My heart and the heart of the Earth Being commune in love and oneness, illuminating our Planet—it is a bright divine light permeating all beings and embracing all of life in Oneness.          

I awaken my consciousness to all of creation, the sempiternal presence of a cosmic divine intelligence encompassing a holy consciousness of love. I invite all the qualities of the Creator to be boundlessly expressed from within me and through me. I surrender in love. I am a multidimensional divine being, a source of infinite divine knowledge, love, and light. My true expression lives within the heart and mind of God. This is who I am. Every day I surrender to discover who I am—I experience the heart and mind of God.          

I live within an extraordinary symbiosis of nurturing love consciousness in perfect synergy and oneness with the divine laws of nature, encompassing all creation. I am loved and cared for, forever held in God’s sempiternal radiance.                                                                  

In order to live the qualities of the heart and the soul, I choose compassion, reverence, and love—I choose all my intentions and actions to be of reverence, and at all times beneficial and nurturing to all of life. This is required from me and from every human being to ascertain global peace and harmony.

The moment I choose to abide by God consciousness living in me, true divine knowledge is sourcing from the heart of my soul, activated by the illuminated mind. When the heart illuminates the mind, I am living as an enlightened being. Every day, I learn to receive boundless nurturing gifts of love from God. Life is forever nurturing me.

My greatest contribution to life is sourcing from my heart—my willingness to love and allowing myself to be loved by all life—I then act in harmony, expanding and forever living my purpose. I live and breathe within the space of my true identity now. I experience grace. I move into new dimensions of my being and of life that are holy and of boundless love.

Every time I open my heart to love, this love infuses the hearts of all beings and all that is. By expressing the qualities of love in my heart I activate the light of my being and shine and the whole world shines.

As I visualize the light in my heart expanding and expanding all around the world, I realize that the light of the world and my light are “ONE ” forever communing in love consciousness. 

Mother Earth embraced by Light

• I created this artwork after meditating on the Light in my Heart expanding and communing with the Light of all Creation. It is titled Mother Earth Embraced by Light.

• When you surrender to God’s love consciousness inherently embedded within all of life—when you know your heart consciousness of love light, goodness, and harmony—when you wish to be of service to all life—when faith is truly anchored in your heart, a sacred space of love opens in the most surprising holy ways. Doorways of light open!

We are never walking alone. There are no limits of what you may experience when you open your heart to receive from God. Faith opens doorways of love light! Faith opens a space for divine will to be revealed and for divine love to express itself. When you surrender to God, you receive in holy ways. Learn to receive from your heart in holy ways.

If you choose to run away from painful feelings by using drugs or any other harmful addictions, pain will stay with you. Pain will then take over your life since you are moving away from your true identity. The mind takes over. Negative thoughts and feelings, with the ego, are running the show of your life. Pain will come back into your face until you surrender and create a shift in consciousness by connecting with the true nature of your being and the essence of life.

Surrendering, allowing, creating, and manifesting in love is experienced in the awareness of your divinity. You are living a loving nurturing relationship with all of life, with all that is, with all beings, and with “you”. You are opening a space of love that is unlimited, revealing wonders of life—creating and expanding in harmony and love. You are receiving from God!

If we truly wish to experience divine unconditional love and awaken we have to find within the heart space the capacity to love all beings and all of life and we have to see that all life loves us.

The end of this year and the beginning of a new year is a time to nurture and cherish all that surrounds us. We have to reach within our hearts for the capacity to see God in all life—to see the divine Self in all beings, revering all that is, now and always.

With Peace and for Peace,

Boundless Blessings of Love,

Sarah Jeane