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Sarah Jeane Sibli

November, 2013


Dear friends and readers,

These Monthly Messages encompass the subject of spiritual awareness about the sacredness of life—to further well-being, harmony, and peace for all beings—to co-create in divine and loving ways, diving ever deeper within the realm of your God-Self.

• When birthing within the physical realm every being is crossing the threshold with mission and purpose. You have chosen to reincarnate in this physical body with a mission—to bring about a higher purpose and participating through your God-given gifts to the harmony and beauty in all of life. It is a journey of discovery about your sacredness and the sacredness in all of life.

In order to understand your mission and purpose learn to live in energetic alignment with your God-Self—learn to live every day within that consciousness. Allow your calling to be revealed by opening your heart to be loved by all of life and to love all life!

If deep feelings of emptiness are invading your inner space, if there is increasing longing for love, peace, and oneness, or if the call for making a difference is in your thoughts, you are ready for a major shift of consciousness. It is a time to fill this emptiness with the love of God. It is a space in which you gently adjust your whole being to new energies. As you are invited and initiated into realms of pure love, you are discovering who you are. Your purpose and mission are naturally revealed to you as you reconcile with life.

As you are becoming cognizant with clarity, the internal struggle dissipates, and is replaced with blissful serenity and joy, leading to the discovery of your true purpose and mission. You are inviting all your gifts to be revealed in harmony to be of service to all life.

The vision of your purpose and mission is in your heart. Nurture that vision and allow it to grow in your heart. Invite a space in your heart where divine creativity expands from your purpose and mission. Your mind is naturally working with your heart. You are awakening a willingness to be of service, to uplift, and to bring increasing goodness into the world.

Infinite divine creativity flows from qualities of love as a natural expression of the soul. You are living your purpose and mission. It is always through love that you empower yourself. It is always through love that you discover the infinite and multidimensionality of your creative beingness. It is always through love that you bring about peace and harmony.

We are all creative beings—in multiple and infinite ways. A magnetic energy naturally flows and expresses itself through us in all aspects of our lives—often without any awareness of its presence, magnificence, sacredness, and magical power.

You have the ability to invite a creative loving and divine flow in any activity, occupation, or situation. It is a consciousness of the sacred and of the heart. As you awake from within, you fall in love with life. Doorways of light are activated as you align with true divine consciousness! You are allowing the highest forces of love light divine intelligence to create through you and to lead your path. When such energetic alignment occurs, all creative work carries the highest peace love light synergies and expressions.

Your inner experience is born from a frequency you choose to allow, emanate, and express. It is an energy, which guides your life experience.

(On this page I present a few excerpts from my book titled: Twelve Doorways of Light: A Portal to Your God-Self)

heart of the earth• Prayer and meditation of the month:  I create a sacred space and breathe in my heart experiencing and feeling the peace and love emanating from all that surrounds me. I feel the love in my heart expanding throughout my whole being as a bright light. This love energy and bright light keep expanding around me in infinity. I allow myself to awaken to boundless gifts of love and beauty—I am to experience now—embraced by God’s light. I emanate all qualities of God’s consciousness. It is a boundless flow of unconditional love and divine knowledge. I choose to serve the Light sourcing from all life—in that love and divine consciousness. God’s love consciousness permeates my whole beingness. I experience unconditional love, blissful serenity, and joy. I choose to be a blessing of unconditional love to all beings and all life. I am now focussing on all that is good, on all that is beautiful in my life, embracing energies of reverence, grace, and gratitude. In my creativity, I experience a cosmic energetic ecstatic expansion of my beingness. My consciousness is expanding endlessly in joy. Divine creative visions and insights boundlessly flow with ease. They are guiding my path from a Holy Source of Love, now and always. I am so grateful. I say now, thank you to All That Is.

I am a part of a higher force and design. It is a holy force.  When I pay attention to it, accept it and embrace it, I realize that it is divine love consciousness, loving me boundlessly. I then realize that this force lives in me.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

• When such energetic alignment occurs, all creative work carries the highest peace love light synergies and expressions. You are moving through cosmic multidimensional spectrums of colors, forms, sounds, and light. You are connecting with divine knowledge. Divine creativity comes from the infinite qualities of the heart and the soul! In every moment you create, choose to create from love and in love. Divine creativity comes from the heart of the soul. Your soul is expressing its divine qualities. You have the ability to sustain divine love creative frequencies and flow in everything you do: when you speak, think, feel, paint, write, teach, compose music, clean, cook, run, swim, conduct a business deal, interact with family and friends, or practice diverse healing modalities. All that you do can be harmonizing, blissful, and uplifting—it is a creative frequency and process. Sustaining an awareness of the sacred and praise, in everything you do, activates a “divine” creative flow. It brings forth peace and harmony.

All feelings associated with competition, comparison, and judgments have to dissolve so that true divine creativity flows boundlessly. In order to break down the walls of limited beliefs, we have to awaken from the heart to the sempiternal presence of the light. We have to learn to see beyond what is. The personality is then expressing qualities of the heart. Be a conduit for love. It is divine creativity!

Infinite Life Force“Infinite Life Force” © Sarah Jeane (multimedia art)

This pictographic art conveys one Doorway of Light intrinsic to the Twelve Doorways of Light, the Tree of Life presented on my website.

This artwork is also presented in my color book titled: Twelve Doorways of Light: Sacredness of Life.

“Yesod” Infinite Life Forceguides you to discover, contemplate, and experience multiple creative aspects of life sometimes in the most surprising ways. You are in the place where Angels assist your prayers to be sent to God, to be divinely manifested within the world of physicality. It is the realm of the Third Dimension and the Second Chakra: The regenerative center of energy—the physical dimension—the linear space and time on Earth where we humans have been living with other biological creatures and plants. Yesod is the sphere of the energetic nature of both mind and matter, called the Aether, inviting and allowing spiritual transcendence within the physical plane—holding the attribute to unite Heaven and Earth, revealing the Garden of Eden within and without. Yesod is the world of beingness, transmitting the highest qualities and light energies from the spiritual bodies to the physical body, from one realm to another. It is the realm of the minerals, plants, and animals—the spiritual world of Angels—the human being who has a spiritual soul and physical body with the ability to transmit energies from one world to another. This realm guides you to recreate a new image of yourself founded on your true identity. Yesod enhances your ability to assimilate the life force—prana. Yesod centered between Malchut (the body), Hod (thinking), and Netzach (feelings) balances these three forces to serve higher purposes. Yesod is associated with the Moon. Yesod is the Creator of the Royal Blue Ray—Commitment.

Yesod invites you to experience your oneness with nature’s intelligence—choose to commune with the trees, the flowers, the animals, and “All That Is” from your heart. Enjoy the beauty and wonders within that realm. This realm lives in you!

Wishing you Peace now and always,

Peace and Harmony on Earth,

Sarah Jeane