Visionary Artist · Author · Multidimensional Healing

Sarah Jeane Sibli

August, 2013


These “Monthly Messages” encompass the subjects of spiritual awareness and the sacredness of life—to further well-being, harmony, and peace for all beings—to co-create in divine and loving ways, diving ever deeper within the realm of our God-Self.

 • Praying/meditating is surrendering to the highest power of love. Praying/meditating is adjusting and shifting your frequency, learning to emanate love consciousness. It is experiencing the true nature of the soul. It is opening the heart to know true love and bliss in the still voice of your being.

Praying/meditating is connecting with the heart. Praying is an energetic alignment preparing you for meditation.

Praying is the process of being fully conscious in the moment, in the holiness of your inner being—from that place you talk to God. Praying is a vibrational frequency of love emanating from within your heart and from your presence. From that place, you have the ability to touch people’s hearts. You are opening doorways of light for all life to embrace.

Painting-Prayer to the Divine
 • I was inspired to name this painting
(I created in Hawaii)
“Prayer to the Divine”.  The red bird is a messenger. The Priestess communes from her heart in reverence, above and below, with all four directions, with  the Earth Being and Nature’s Spirits, with Masters of Light, Archangels and Angels of the Light, with All That Is—bathing in the Light.                          

 The Priestess praises all of Life and its Sacredness.             She experiences Spiritual Bliss.









• Praying is about experiencing true consciousness in the presence of every moment and acting accordingly within that truth in service of all life. When you pray, open your heart and mind to the vastness of all possibilities and know that you are never walking alone. In reality, you have the innate ability and choice to embrace loving boundless support sourcing from the intrinsic presence of God within you, within all life—encompassing all of creation.

You are forever walking in oneness within the consciousness of a divine cosmic grid of love light among loving and divine presences assisting you. Divine guides of light, master guides, angels of light, archangels, ascended masters, and nature’s spirits are eager to assist you within God’s love light. You have free will to embrace these loving presences and support. Invite them in your prayers and meditations and communicate with them from your heart. Listen to their messages—you will receive divine teachings, guidance, and unconditional love and gifts.

Your guardian angels, master guides of light, archangels, ascended masters, and nature’s intelligence are eager to assist you, as you open your heart to a divine creative power. It is a cosmic power of love, God’s infinite divine qualities within you and expressed in all life. Within God’s peace love light consciousness—in your prayers—you may call upon their love and divine assistance. Many light beings are assisting you within God’s consciousness of unconditional love.

Listen to the voice of the heart. It is a place of inner stillness. It is the voice of love. In that stillness, you have the ability to experience the divine frequency and emanation of your being, of all life, and of the supreme heart of God. You are in meditation.
From that stillness, you are discovering a new and infinite realm of boundless love. From that stillness, you are receptive to infinite emanations of love. From the divine emanation of your being flows true sacred knowledge with all the beauty of your soul’s gifts.

Experience your breath as a flow of love light force, nurturing you and loving you. As you become conscious of your breathing, gently free your mind from all thought forms. Breathe in your heart. Pay attention to the energetic loving emanation of your heart. Then pay attention to the divine love energy emanating from all forms of life. Practice!

Praying is expressing and discovering the mystical and sacred aspect of your being and life—from the heart of your soul to the heart of creation, the one heart of God. Praying is learning to express the heart of your God-Self.

Gratitude opens your heart and connects you with the fullness and abundance of life in nurturing and joyous ways. Feelings of gratefulness in your prayers bring you to create more of what you are grateful for. Gratefulness holds powerful magnetic energies of unity, reverence, and love. It is an energetic flow of fullness, abundance, wholeness, and oneness.

When you are surrendering, you are learning to live in true consciousness of your power—the power of love. Praying is surrendering. Praying is revering life. Praying is saying, thank you. Praying is leading you to a communion with Spirit—with God.

Meditating is living a communion with God within the heart of the soul. It is a communion with the consciousness of God. It is a communion of love.

Praying/meditating is getting in touch with your essence and heart’s deepest desires. It is connecting deep within—with the sacredness of your being and the sacredness of all that is in creation. It is living your oneness with God. Praying is softening the ego with love and allowing true consciousness to be revealed. It is opening your heart to love. It is opening your heart to your divine gifts and unlimited creativity. Slowly, lead your prayer into meditation. Explore your multidimensionality from the deepest emanation of your being; your heart sings.

• The artwork I created below is titled “Harmony & Joy within all Realms”.  In prayer, meditation, and contemplation, we dive into the consciousness of our God-Self—we discover Oneness. Oneness is experiencing the Sacredness and the Love consciousness sourcing from all Life. It is living in the presence of Harmony and Joy emanating from the Essence of Life within all realms.

Artwork-Harmony & Joy

heart of the earth• Prayer and meditation of the month: I anchor my consciousness in my heart and dive into the sempiternal love and beauty of God’s divine presence. My divine essence is my God-Self. In my prayers and meditations, I discover the power of the love emanating from my God-Self, where I experience pure being—I experience the heart and mind of God—I experience pure love consciousness. As I surrender, I am learning to be conscious of my breathing. I am learning to experience the life force in the movement of my breathing. I am learning to listen to the still voice within. I am learning to listen to the presence of God within. I am learning to live in consciousness and with consciousness. I am blessed and I am a blessing to all of life.

I live within the sacred space and flow of my breathing. I live within the sacred space of my heart and of my soul. I breathe deeply and slowly. I surrender and find a peaceful space within me. Father Mother God, please guide my whole being with my personality to serve from the holiness of my heart, in the light that I am.

I am a ray of light in the radiance of God.

And so it is. Namaste.

With Love,

Sarah Jeane